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What happens if I am in an accident with a third party while I am at work?

Most people are under the assumption that you can file for workers’ compensation if you have been injured while on the job. While the majority of the time this is true, there are a few instances in which your employer may not be at fault for your physical or financial damages. One of these instances, […]

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Serious injuries that result from an accident are often covered under personal injury claims. Such injuries can be from one of any of a number of personal injury accidents: motor vehicle accidents, animal attacks, defective products, premises liability, and more. All serious and catastrophic injuries have terrible emotional and psychological side effects, due to their debilitating nature […]

Liability Issues

An injury can leave you down and out for some time, struggling to stay afloat financially, physically, and emotionally. What’s more, if the injury occurred due to the negligence of someone else, the frustration will continue to build as you suffer as a result of another person or company’s actions. You may be missing work, […]