What Do I Do If My Kid Was Bit By A Stranger’s Dog

dog bite lawyer

Dog bite liability laws can be more complicated than you might imagine, and often vary from state to state. Many states base their laws on the understanding that all animals can turn vicious under the right set of circumstances, and a pet owner must then assume all responsibility when an attack occurs. Even if an […]

Do I Need to Get a Second Opinion About My Personal Injury Case?

personal injury lawyer

When to Seek a Second Opinion for Your Personal Injury Claim Just as you may seek a second opinion for medical treatment, it is common to discuss your case with another personal injury attorney. Lawyers have different personalities and tactics when it comes to approaching clients and cases. If your case wasn’t accepted by a […]

Hybrid and Electric Car Accidents

hybrid car accidents

Environmental concerns make hybrid and electric cars seem like wonderful vehicle options. Drivers also appreciate the improved gas mileage and fair safety ratings for electric/hybrid cars in California. Unfortunately, hybrid and electric cars have potential hidden dangers to them. These vehicles pose a substantially increased risk of accidents and death to pedestrians and rescuers. Parties […]

Car Accident Lawyers and Why You Need Them

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Don’t let the negative stereotypes fool you or any other roomers and articles on Internet. Lawyers are the best way to put an end to your car accident woes and get the recover with compensation you deserve. More specifically, here are the 7 top reasons to hire an attorney after an accident. 1. Attorney Fees […]

Sacramento Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle accident lawyer

Beautiful weather and scenery make Sacramento County the perfect place for a motorcycle ride. Riders traveling and enjoying the views of Sacramento, Stockton or Modesto still need to stay on high alert. With so many sharing the road, serious accidents and financial loss are a concern. Here are fast facts for all motorcyclists in the […]

Car Accidents and Causes

car accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that approximately 3,000 California residents die in car accidents each year. Drivers need to understand what the most common car accident causes are and how to avoid these situations. Here are 6 driving mistakes that lead to the most accidents: 1. Speeding Ten years ago, nearly 150,000 California […]

Tire Blowouts and Car Accident Claims

Tire Blowout Car Accident Claims

Tire blowouts are not car accident hazards that should be taken lightly. In 2014, the NHTSA reported approximately 78,000 accidents caused by tire blowouts and 400 related deaths. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been avoided if the drivers had followed common safety precautions. Preventable Causes of Tire Blowouts A sharp object in the […]

California Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run Accident

In California, a hit and run accident can be a felony charge. Under California Vehicle Code Section 20001, someone involved in a traffic accident in which another person is hurt or killed is required to perform certain actions. A hit and run is possibly the most terrifying of accidents. Injuries and vehicle damage may have occurred, […]

Are Car Drivers at Fault in Motorcycle Accidents?

motorcycle fault accident

Motorcycle use is a trend that keeps increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, accident fatalities also continue to rise. Drivers and motorcyclists need to be aware of what causes motorcycle accidents and how to prevent them. Motorcycle safety is a concern for both car, van and truck as well as the bike riders. Who is at Fault […]

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Procedure?

personal injury lawsuit

Each and every personal injury lawsuit, which is filed in courts all around the U.S differ from one another. Personal Injury Lawsuit Procedure However, there are certain common scenarios which a Plaintiff (the party filing the lawsuit), as well as the Defendant (the party being sued), can expect to encounter during the procedure. In this […]

10 Items to Bring to a Personal Injury Consultation

personal injury consultation

When meeting with a personal injury attorney from Drake Law Firm for the first time, you will need to have several items ready. A list of items to bring to a personal injury consultation with our attorney. Personal Injury Attorney Consultation Bringing all the necessary documents to the first consultation helps your attorney understand the […]

Personal Injury with Pain and Suffering

pain and suffering

The first step to winning a personal injury case requires proving that the other party was at fault. The second part is demonstrating a price for the “pain and suffering” from the accident or negligence. This part may be tricky as insurance companies have specific methods to determining how much should be awarded or how […]

Santa Rosa Man Was Killed After Hitting a Traffic Light Pole

car wreck

According to Santa Rosa Police, Daniel Olivera-Pineda pronounced dead on the scene. The crash occurred at the early hours of Thursday at intersection of Stony Point Road and West Third Street. The driver was alone in a Plymouth Voyager minivan when the wreck occurred and no other vehicles were involved in this accident. The driver […]

Truck Accident on 101 in San Rafael

trucking accident san rafael

A produce truck filled with a full load spun out of control on 101 in San Rafael as the first rain hits California. Fruit and vegetables were spilled all over the freeway and traffic was backed up in both directions in San Rafael. Truck Accident on 101 Truck was heading north on 101 and after […]

Minor Injury in a Rollover Crash on Russian Hill

san francisco car crash

Minor injuries in a rollover car crash on Van Ness Avenue and Greenwich Street this afternoon. According to San Francisco police and fire, minor injuries were suffered by the driver as the car rolled over. The San Francisco Fire Department Tweeted a photo and urged to stay away from the area. As you can see […]