Motorcycle Accidents in California

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Motorcycles are popular modes of transportation in California. There are over 800,000 motorists registered in the state. Many more visit to enjoy Southern and Northern California roads or attend events like “Love Ride” and “Hollister Independence Rally.” Unfortunately, thousands of motorcycle accidents occur each year. Motorcycle accident injuries are often severe and require expensive medical […]

Sacramento Motorcycle Accidents

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Beautiful weather and scenery make Sacramento County the perfect place for a motorcycle ride. Riders traveling and enjoying the views of Sacramento, Stockton or Modesto still need to stay on high alert. With so many sharing the road, serious accidents and financial loss are a concern. Here are fast facts for all motorcyclists in the […]

Are Car Drivers at Fault in Motorcycle Accidents?

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Motorcycle use is a trend that keeps increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, accident fatalities also continue to rise. Drivers and motorcyclists need to be aware of what causes motorcycle accidents and how to prevent them. Motorcycle safety is a concern for both car, van and truck as well as the bike riders. Who is at Fault […]

Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash With a Motorcyclist in Oakland

Fatal crash on Interstate 980 in Oakland killed a motorcyclist on Sunday, September 11th. California Highway Patrol reported that a biker, Steven Lee of Antioch, crashed near the 27th Street exit. CHP and paramedics found the motorcyclist on the right side of the highway. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The hit-and-run crash caused […]

1 Killed in a Motorcycle Accident in Pasadena

On the evening of August 26th a crash between a motorcycle and a car resulted in a death in Pasadena, CA. Motorcycle Accident The motorcycle accident occurred around 11:30 PM when a car was making a left turn from Lafferty to Pasadena Blvd. A male Hispanic rider was killed, according to Pasadena police. “Our thoughts […]

California Motorcycle Laws and Safety


Riding a motorcycle is a convenient and fun mode of transportation. Because the rules of the road and the licenses are different for motorcyclists, it is important to understand California’s motorcycle laws and regulations. There have been many accidents along the California Highway 99 some of which a have been fatal. See the current Current […]

Motorcycle Accidents in the San Francisco Bay Area

Motorcycle Accidents The adrenaline rush when the bike roars to life. The feel of the cool wind across your face. An organic view of the vast California valley right before your eyes. To a rider, hoisting up on the seat of a motorcycle is the purest form of freedom. There is an indescribable feeling of […]

Motorcycle Accidents in Hollywood, California

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Motorcycle Accidents in California It’s that time of year again—when the warm Cali sun on your face and promise of adventure are calling for a road trip. And there is nothing like a road trip when you’re riding a motorcycle. Whether you’re riding a chopper or a cruiser, a Harley or a BMW, there is […]

Top 5 Safety Apps for Motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists Safety The phrase goes that there is an “app for everything”, and it certainly rings true if you are looking for apps which relate to motorcycling. Safety apps of motorcyclists is one niche area of this category of apps. Here is some information about the 5 best safety apps for motorcyclists. 1: Pocket First […]