Do I Need to Get a Second Opinion About My Personal Injury Case?

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When to Seek a Second Opinion for Your Personal Injury Claim Just as you may seek a second opinion for medical treatment, it is common to discuss your case with another personal injury attorney. Lawyers have different personalities and tactics when it comes to approaching clients and cases. If your case wasn’t accepted by a […]

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit Procedure?

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Each and every personal injury lawsuit, which is filed in courts all around the U.S differ from one another. Personal Injury Lawsuit Procedure However, there are certain common scenarios which a Plaintiff (the party filing the lawsuit), as well as the Defendant (the party being sued), can expect to encounter during the procedure. In this […]

Personal Injury with Pain and Suffering

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The first step to winning a personal injury case requires proving that the other party was at fault. The second part is demonstrating a price for the “pain and suffering” from the accident or negligence. This part may be tricky as insurance companies have specific methods to determining how much should be awarded or how […]

Why Rehabilitation Costs Make Settlement Expensive

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Accident and personal injury attorneys will advertise how much compensation that they can recover for accident victims as a way of getting new clients. However, one important part of calculating the compensation and settlement value is the cost of rehabilitation after the accident. So, why is rehabilitation and treatment after an accident so important? Personal […]

What should I do after a Slip and Fall Accident


A slip, trip or fall accident can have life-altering consequences. If the injury caused by somebody else’s carelessness or negligence, then the victim may be entitled to seek compensation from the responsible party.  Slip and Fall Accident Have you been involved in slip, trip or fall accident? Follow the items below to ensure that you […]

Concussion – Personal Injury Lawyer

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Accidents are a traumatic experience, but injured parties and loved ones need to be mindful of injuries that may not seem noticeable at first. Concussion can happen in nearly any kind of accident including workplace accidents and sometimes lack obvious symptoms. Because concussions can result in death or serious injury, it is critical to know […]

Personal Injury Lawyers for Truck Accidents

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Fear of a truck accident is an understandable concern for drivers when approximately 338,000 truck accidents happen per year. Nearly 4,000 of the accidents resulted in fatalities and three-quarters of the crashes had at least property and vehicle damage. California residents have extra cause for alarm as California is the state which reports the most […]

Common Types of Workplace Accidents and Injuries

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Although people expect to feel safe while they are at work, workplace accidents and injuries happen in California with alarming regularity. These accidents can be fatal or they can have life-altering consequences. Those who are injured (or who lose loved ones) in workplace accidents may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. People who […]

7 Helpful Computer Apps for People Living with SCI

Spinal Cord Injuries People who suffered from spinal cord injuries increase their independence with the help of various computer applications. These applications help individuals with spinal cord injuries access tools that make essential daily activities easier to perform and increase the ability to communicate with others. Dragon Dictation enables a person to dictate any written […]