Personal Injury Lawyers for Truck Accidents

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Fear of a truck accident is an understandable concern for drivers when approximately 338,000 truck accidents happen per year. Nearly 4,000 of the accidents resulted in fatalities and three-quarters of the crashes had at least property and vehicle damage. California residents have extra cause for alarm as California is the state which reports the most […]

Reduce Severity Of Car Accidents

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Car Accidents Imagine you have been driving for many years. You started learning how to drive at early age with excellent instruction from people who know how to give it. You have never been in any car accidents, received one or two parking tickets but nothing more; you were pulled over for random DUI check but […]

Dog Bites and Personal Injury

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Although dogs are often thought of as man’s best friend, they can be dangerous too. Dog bites are surprisingly common, with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimating that there are around 4.7 million dog bites annually across the United States. Around 800,000 of these cases require hospital treatment and approximately 386,000 require […]

Fatal Car Crashes in California and Causes

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Fatal Car Crashes Car crashes are a common occurrence all over the world. Most of the time people are lucky enough to walk away from accidents with none to minor injuries. On other occasions, car accidents can be fatal, and take several peoples’ lives. Almost every year over 3,100 people die in California alone from […]

Common Types of Workplace Accidents and Injuries

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Although people expect to feel safe while they are at work, workplace accidents and injuries happen in California with alarming regularity. These accidents can be fatal or they can have life-altering consequences. Those who are injured (or who lose loved ones) in workplace accidents may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. People who […]

Motorcycle Accidents in the San Francisco Bay Area

Motorcycle Accidents The adrenaline rush when the bike roars to life. The feel of the cool wind across your face. An organic view of the vast California valley right before your eyes. To a rider, hoisting up on the seat of a motorcycle is the purest form of freedom. There is an indescribable feeling of […]

C-Section Delivery Errors

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Natural Birth and C-Section It is not always possible to have a natural birth, and some women are forced to give birth by C-Section. During a C-Section, a qualified doctor must make an incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterine wall, so that they can safely lift the child out of the womb. C-Sections Are […]

How to Drive Safely Around Trucks

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Safely and Trucks It is important to understand how to drive safely around big trucks and avoid trucking accidents. With proper precautions taken by both the driver of the vehicle and the semi-trailer driver serious accidents can be avoided. Drive Safely Around Trucks An important unspoken “rule” to keep in mind when following behind a […]

Motorcycle Accidents in Hollywood, California

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Motorcycle Accidents in California It’s that time of year again—when the warm Cali sun on your face and promise of adventure are calling for a road trip. And there is nothing like a road trip when you’re riding a motorcycle. Whether you’re riding a chopper or a cruiser, a Harley or a BMW, there is […]

7 Helpful Computer Apps for People Living with SCI

Spinal Cord Injuries People who suffered from spinal cord injuries increase their independence with the help of various computer applications. These applications help individuals with spinal cord injuries access tools that make essential daily activities easier to perform and increase the ability to communicate with others. Dragon Dictation enables a person to dictate any written […]

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury MTBI

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) is as an injury to the brain causing a loss of consciousness lasting for less than 30 minutes. Alternatively, it may be an injury which causes a period of confusion or disorientation which lasts for less than 30 minutes. MTBI can lead to longer lasting consequences than this. Although the […]

Top 5 Safety Apps for Motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists Safety The phrase goes that there is an “app for everything”, and it certainly rings true if you are looking for apps which relate to motorcycling. Safety apps of motorcyclists is one niche area of this category of apps. Here is some information about the 5 best safety apps for motorcyclists. 1: Pocket First […]

Are Stoned Drivers Really More Safe than Drunk Ones?

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Stoned driver accident? The general consensus around younger generation is that people who are under the influence of marijuana, might be safer on the roadways than people who are under the influence of alcohol. Could this be true? Marijuana and THC Levels Determining the amount of marijuana that is in a person’s system is tougher […]

A Truck Accident Lawyer and How We Can Help

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1 out of 10 deaths on the highway occur in an accident with a large truck. In California, fatality in trucking accidents is on the rise. In 2014 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported 300 deaths involving a large truck compared to 259 in 2013. Many of the collisions with trucks were due to controllable […]