10 Items to Bring to a Personal Injury Consultation

personal injury consultation

When meeting with a personal injury attorney from Drake Law Firm for the first time, you will need to have several items ready. A list of items to bring to a personal injury consultation with our attorney.

Personal Injury Attorney Consultation

Bringing all the necessary documents to the first consultation helps your attorney understand the case and better to represent you. Our office offers a Free Consultation for all accidents with the sate of California.

These items will help us to communicate the damages and support the potential compensation to you.

The information also allows the attorney to identify the strong points of your case and to present, defend, and maximize your compensation.

1. Driver’s License

A California driver license or any other form of identification. These will be required to both identify you to the attorney and to insurance company adjusters.

Our office will keep a copy securely on file for information purpose.

car accident attorneyIn 2014 seatbelts saved the lives of over 1200 people in California car accidents. Read More on  Injured Party Not Wearing A Seatbelt.

2. Police Report

If you were in an accident, the police report helps the attorney see what happened from a neutral party and witnesses.

That information is helpful in understanding the severity of accident, the parties involved and provides a written record.

Our office uses the contact information for the other parties and witnesses, and these are found in the report.

3. Medical Bills

Courts and insurance companies require proof of injury in order for you to receive compensation.

All medical information and receipts you have from your treatments and hospital stays that were connected to the accident are useful and required to support your case.

4. Insurance Information

As your attorney, we will need a photocopy of all documents you have related to the car accident.

These are kept with us for when we communicate with insurance adjusters and other party’s’ attorney.

These documents are used for reference and are kept secure in our office.

5. Receipts

Whether you needed to have your car fixed or had any other costs that were directly connected to the accident, your receipts are important to bring to an attorney consultation.

Like medical bills, these documents help support proof of financial, medical, auto damages for which you can claim compensation.

6. Legal Documents

If the other party started the lawsuit, bring all of the documents you received to the attorney office.

Drake Law Firm attorney needs to see what the other party is claiming, even if there are claims of your liability or false information.

7. Contact with the Other Party

Sometimes, you are injured by someone you know or family. If other party contacts you in any way about the accident, your attorney will want to see the communication.

The conversations can be from any mobile device, social media account, email, voicemail, etc. If the other party threatened you or tried to reach a settlement, bring these communications as well.

8. Photographs of the Accident

Severe Auto AccidentAt all times either you, your passenger must take photographs of car damage or injuries. If you or the other party has these photographs, please bring them with you to the consultation.

Photographs serve as evidence of your claim and provide a record of damages to your vehicle and support the claim against the insurance company.

9. Salary Information

If for any reason related to your accident you missed work or because of your injury, bring a copy of your paycheck.

Your salary information and proof of lost wages will be considered when requesting compensation. These documents are used to calculate your damages.

10. List of Your Questions

Meeting with an attorney at Drake Law Firm is never intimidating. Writing down your questions in advance helps you stay on track and reminds you of what you wanted to ask.

Attorneys with our personal injury firm understand how an accident can leave you physically and financially distressed.

Bring the above documents and information to your consultation and let our California attorneys get you the compensation you deserve.

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