7 Helpful Computer Apps for People Living with SCI

Spinal Cord Injuries

People who suffered from spinal cord injuries increase their independence with the help of various computer applications. These applications help individuals with spinal cord injuries access tools that make essential daily activities easier to perform and increase the ability to communicate with others.

  1. Dragon Dictation enables a person to dictate any written correspondence through computers. The person using this software can simply speak into the microphone and the computer will type out text of what they are saying. This application costs about $74.99
  2. Essential Accessibility allows people with SCI or other injuries to surf the internet without using their hands. It has an onscreen keyboard, a page reader that will read the pages for you, and other features that make it possible for people with limited mobility to access the things they want to see on the internet. This application is free of charge.
  3. Eyewriter an application designed by a team of artists from around the world. This application enables you to use your eyes to make drawings or art on computer screen. It provides a creative outlet for disabled. There are special eyeglasses required to use the application and the cost of the materials vary.
  4. I Shower is a Blue Tooth waterproof speaker that you can use in the shower with no worries about water damages. It costs about $99.95
  5. Smart Lock lets people with disabilities or injuries convert a smart phone into a key that will unlock your house door. You can lock and unlock your door without assistance. It also enables you to create multiple keys for other locks or houses. This application costs about $199.
  6. Tecla Sheild provides assistive buttons, switches, and controls for wheelchairs so the person with upper body difficulties can regain control over different items in their lives. This application costs about $349.
  7. Tobii PCEye Go allows you to use any Windows application using nothing more than your eyes. It supports people with disabilities and creates a way to communicate and interact with the world. This application costs about $1995.