A Truck Accident Lawyer and How We Can Help

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1 out of 10 deaths on the highway occur in an accident with a large truck. In California, fatality in trucking accidents is on the rise. In 2014 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported 300 deaths involving a large truck compared to 259 in 2013.

Many of the collisions with trucks were due to controllable factors such as reckless driving, unsafe lane changes, and mechanical defects in the trucks themselves.

Truck Accidents and Causes

Several causes cited in collisions, included exceeding the speed limits, and driver fatigue. Unfortunately, collisions of this magnitude frequently results in damage to property, and or fatalities.
A personal injury lawyer will help you to determine if any negligence was involved, and if mechanical errors or defects contributed to the cause of the truck accidents. Victims, who have suffered injuries, may be entitled compensation to cover losses and expenses incurred.

Types of Accidents

truck accidentThe causes and different types of truck accidents are not difficult to classify. Many accidents involved garbage trucks and heavy construction trucks, tractor trailers, 18-wheelers, or improperly or overloaded trucks. People have also been hurt by falling loads. Another contributor to accidents have been defective road surfaces, and negligence on the part of the drivers.

Complex California Highway Accidents

California has more than 16,000 miles of just highway and some of the most complex system of truck routes has its share of accidents. Many of the causes of truck accidents in the cities include reckless and distracted driving, or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
Road conditions such as lighting and defective vehicles have also been found to be cause for crashes as does the improperly maintained vehicles and inexperienced drivers.

Accidents and Fatalities

Across the U.S and in California many of the traffic related fatalities involve tractor trailers and large trucks. Commercials trucks, especially when fully loaded, can weigh more than 3000 percent more than passenger cars. With the huge disparity in momentum, even compared to a slow moving truck, it is easy to see why collisions can disastrous.

Victims can suffer debilitating injuries, such traumatic brain and spine injuries, paralysis, eye injuries, head trauma or bone or organ destruction, and even fatalities. The operation of trucks is subject to special regulations and laws that are meant to minimize risk to which the public is exposed. Drake Law Firm truck attorneys are experienced with all of the applicable laws and regulations, are well qualified to help victims prevail.

Trucks can be complex machinery that transports heavy weights, and high level operation and maintenance procedures are required to ensure safe operation. Regular inspections and testing is mandated as part of the operation, and details of all testing and maintenance must be recorded.

Victim Entitlements

Victims of truck accidents or those who sustain injuries may need permanent hospitalization and lifelong medical treatment or constant care. In California, our team of truck accident attorneys can help you with filing of a personal injury lawsuit and: outline your entitlements to cover expenses such as; costs of hospitalization, medicals bills, costs involved with rehabilitation, loss of earnings funeral costs, and even costs associated with helping you to maintain normal and healthy living.

Relying solely on the investigation done on behalf of the insurance company can be misguided, especially in the case of severe damages. The objective of the insurance companies is to maximize profits and as a result payout can be kept lower than entitled.

It may be difficult to accept, but the objective of any business, including insurance companies, is to generate profits. There are several others reasons why dealing with insurance companies requires an attorney, and in most cases the first offer from the adjuster is refused. It is likely to be a low-ball. Victims must seek guidance from competent attorneys, who will provide knowledge and resources for thorough investigations and negotiating with insurance adjusters. These actions are likely to be benefit the victims as opposed to the insurance company’s investigation.

Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved or injured in a truck accident, call our office for a free consultation. Speak with our truck accident attorney to learn more about the options that may be available to you. We have won millions in judgments for past clients and we will help to determine what is best for you.