After I have been In An Accident, Who Will Pay For My Medical Bills?

medical bills after accident

There are many different options that can help a person who has undergone an accident pay for their medical treatment.

Who will pay for your medical expenses? The answer to that question depends on a few factors like which state you reside in, what type of accident you experienced and the types of insurances that are involved by both parties in question.

Yes, going to trial to receive compensation for your damages is a great thing, but it is not something that is automatically given. So, who pays for the medical expenses in the meantime?

After an accident, Who is responsible for paying medical expenses?

The general rule is that you will be responsible for paying for your medical expenses as they come. The defendant does not have to pay for them. The only exception to this rule is if your accident was a car accident.

This depends on whether you live in a “no-fault” state. In a “no fault” state, the defendant who was at fault for the accident would be held liable to pay you for your medical bills sustained at the time.

They are not required to pay you for any future medical expenses.

“No Fault” States In A Car Accident

Being in a “no fault” state means that your own insurance will pay all or some of your medical expenses, even if you may have been at fault. Each state has set a limit as to how much each insurance company will pay their insurer.

If your medical bills exceed the limit of the state you are in, you will have to pay the difference. You might have to work out payment arrangements with the health care provider that provided you with treatment if you do not have Medicare, Medicaid, or Health Insurance, which are entities that pay for your medical bills.

Non “No Fault” States In A Car Accident

Being in a non “no fault” state means that you will be in charge of paying all of your medical fees if you do not carry “no fault” insurance. There is a coverage known as “Med Pay” that works like an insurance coverage for when you get into a car accident.

Depending on the policy limits you have set through Med Pay, they will pay all of your medical expenses and those of any passengers that were with you at the time of the accident up to your policy limit. Med Pay is not something that is required for drivers, but it is something that serves its purpose.

Just like in a “no fault” state, you will be responsible for paying for any bills that exceed your Med Pay policy limit.

Accidents in Boats

If you suffer an injury on a boat, you will most likely have to pay for your own medical bills because Med Pay insurance hardly ever covers boating accidents.

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