Avoiding Ladder Injuries

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When it comes to ladder safety you just might say that your life could depend on it. There are reportedly more than half a million ladder accidents and ladder injuries at work or home in this country each year.

Believe it or not, three hundred of those accidents result in fatality. It is fair to say, avoiding falls from a ladder and ladder safety is one of the most important things that you ever do when using one.

Homeowners and Ladders

Recently, we published posts on workplace accidents and injuries, SCI injuries and helpful computer apps. However, aside from workplace injuries, use of ladders can cause injuries while being used at home as well.

Ladder Injuries

In fact, a large proportion of ladder injuries and accidents occur to homeowners. Homeowners are not always familiar with the dangers that they face when they climb a ladder. The following rules while it is not meant to be exclusive, will help homeowners remain safe when they are using ladders.

  • Make sure that the feet of the ladder are firmly placed on the ground.
  • Do not set up the ladder with one leg higher than the other leg
  • The very top rung of a ladder is intended as a handhold and not as a step. Do not stand on the uppermost rung of the ladder.
  • When you are on a ladder it is best if you have someone on the ground in case you need something as well as spotting.
  • Do not attempt to move the ladder over without climbing down first
  • Watch out for electrical wires or power lines. Know where the power lines are in case the ladder falls to avoid falling on a power line
  • Check ladders for damage before you climb them
  • Know the maximum weight capacity for the ladder you are about to use and do not exceed that weight restriction
  • Never set anything on the top step of a ladder
  • Never let children play on or around the ladders

Proper Ladder Maintenance

Proper ladder maintenance will prevent ladder falls and injuries. These items do not require a large amount of maintenance but the following tips will help protect you and maintain your ladder.

  • Carry a ladder parallel to your body to avoid hitting someone else, and to avoid dragging a portion of the ladder on the ground
  • Never store your ladder where oily substances could leak on it
  • Try to store your ladder indoors and out of the elements

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