Some of the Best BBQ in Sherman Oaks

BBQIf you are in the market for some good BBQ in Sherman Oaks (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), head on over to Smoke City Market at 5242 Van Nuys Boulevard.

Ryan Gromfin founded Smoke City Market back in October 2010. After living in Texas for several years, he missed the Texas-style BBQ. The tradition known as “Meat Market” or “Hill Country” BBQ emerged in the mid-eighteen hundreds, when butchers would preserve the cheaper, tougher cuts of beef by smoking them and making the trimmings into sausages.

Initially the back-door sustenance of the poorer farmers, the secret eventually got out and BBQ became a business. The meat is slow-smoked over Texas Oak for as long as 14 hours with little more than salt, pepper, and perhaps a touch of sugar to get that nice black crust and traditionally was accompanied with only day-old bread from the market and maybe a pot of beans.

And the sauce? True BBQ, done the right way, doesn’t need sauce. The flavor comes from the smoking, not the sauce. As Gromfin says, “Unless you own a smoker, you own a grill. And you don’t BBQ on a grill; you grill on a grill.” Apparently, this is the secret to good barbecue.

And at Smoke City Market, this is how it’s done. Rubbed down with salt, pepper, chili flakes, and a dash of sugar, then slow-smoked for hours on end over white oak and served on butcher paper—no plates here—it begs you to dig in and tear it apart with your fingers, the way it was done back in the day.

Mouth watering yet? What are you waiting for? Grab your appetite, head on over to Smoke City Market, and get your hands dirty. And while you’re there, ask them to see the pits—they would love to show you how it’s done.

Is it lunch time yet?

Photo Credit: BrownGuacamole via Compfight cc