Bicycle Injury Numbers Rise Amongst Older Demographic

BicycleWith the year coming to a close, we can begin to see trends from 2015 and how they compare to the preceding years. Some of these trends are good, for example—California residents are beginning to be more active than ever before. However, this has resulted in another, less fortunate trend—bicycle injuries. With more people riding their bikes, whether they are riding them to work, school, or just for leisure, more bikers on the road means more accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

When California residents are biking for leisure and recreation, they may find themselves on a bike trail or in residential neighborhoods. With more people using their bicycle as a mode of transportation, this results in drivers having to interact with cyclists on the road more often. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many drivers do not know the correct way to interact with this rise in bicyclists.

A recent study shows that over a 15-year span, bicycle injuries have sharply risen. This does not come as a surprise as it is accompanying the aforementioned change in lifestyle. In fact, the demographic that saw the biggest rise in these numbers were adults over the age of 45. This is congruent with the idea that more people are biking to their places of work. According to a doctor who worked on this study, Dr. Benjamin N. Breyer, more adults over the age of 45 are out on their bike than ever before. Not only does this pose a threat to themselves, but it poses a threat to all of the drivers on the road, especially if they are inexperienced in dealing and interacting with bicyclists.

So what does this mean?

One of the reasons that the cyclists of the older demographic have a higher injury rate is because their bodies are more prone to damage. This means that an accident that may have resulted in just a few minor scrapes and bruises for a younger rider could result in a serious injury for an older cyclist. Many times, these cyclists also have a slower reaction time as well. This means that, where a twenty-something rider may see a car making an unexpected turn, an older person may not. This also leads to the heightened statistics surrounding this certain age.

With all of this in mind, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike can all pledge to share the road in a safer fashion. Every driver should be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians on the road. However, it may be a good idea to take a little bit of extra caution when operating a vehicle near cyclists that are in this older demographic.

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