Can I get Disability Benefits After I have Been in a Car Accident and Suffered Injuries?

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Receiving Social Security disability benefits depends on the certain circumstances revolving around your car accident. The only way to be able to receive disability benefits is by enduring a long-term injury that affects your daily life.

If you cannot work anymore because of injuries you endured in a car accident that has caused you mental or physical pain, then applying for disability benefits should be taken into consideration.

Some of the mental and physical damages that can be grounds for a disability claim are the following:

  • Brain Trauma
  • Psychological trauma like anxiety or PTSD
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Damages to soft tissues, and
  • Any other injuries that affect your work life.

You can apply for these disabilities through Social Security Administration (SSA).

How Will I Be Found To Be Disabled?

The way Social Security determines whether you qualify for a disability or not is through their disability listing that states all of their medical requirements for a disability. If you believe you qualify for disability benefits, you can look at SSA’s Blue book which contains a list of impairments and the requirements that need to pertain to each impairment.

SSA is very strict with the laws regarding disabilities. There will be times when a person has such a unique case that a medical expert at the SSA will find that their condition is as equal as another other medical condition in their listing.

Social Security Administration has many different disabilities in their list, but the following are the most common ones that tend to surface:

  • Leg or arm fractures
  • Damages done to soft tissues
  • Anxiety disorders developed due to the accident

How Is My Residual Functional Capacity Determined?

A residual functional capacity (RFC) is performed by the SSA when you do not fall under one of the disabilities listed in their Blue Book. The SSA will be in charge of finding out whether any medication you are taking for your injuries is correctly working against your pain, they will determine whether the treatment you have received has been effective or if you went through any complications during it, they will check to see if your physician has restricted you from performing certain things, and if you have attended and done everything you were supposed to that was ordered by your doctor.

Once the SSA has determined all of these things, they will rate you by either falling in light, medium, or heavy work. Depending on what injury you have suffered, you will be placed in either of these categories. The SSA normally finds a person who is only restricted to sedentary work to able to claim disability.

Car Accident Lawyers

Enduring a life-altering disability due to an accident can leave a person psychological traumatized and in much physical pain. If you are unsure whether your injury constitutes a disability claim contact an injury attorney within your state.

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