Car Accident Lawyers and Why You Need Them

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Don’t let the negative stereotypes fool you or any other roomers and articles on Internet. Lawyers are the best way to put an end to your car accident woes and get the recovery with the compensation you deserve.

More specifically, here are the 7 top reasons to hire an attorney after an accident.

1. Attorney Fees are Less than the Medical Expenses

Attorneys often charge their clients by the hour or by a percentage from the final total of the case settlement amount. This may seem very expensive, but this fee is much less than your medical bills. For example, let’s say lawyer bills you $200 an hour and works 5 hours on your case. That’s $1000 total. The National Institute of Health states that a trip to the emergency room averages about $1200 a person. This does not include any medicines, long-term treatment, the ambulance ride, etc. Therefore, the cost of an attorney will still save you money in the long-run.

2. Lawyers Can Fight the Insurance Companies for You

If another person caused the accident, his/her insurance company should cover your medical bills. Companies often try to say there is not enough proof or liability to pay the bill. A lawyer from Drake Law Firm will earn you the compensation you deserve by successfully proving that you weren’t at fault.

3. You Need a Lawyer to Minimize Your Liability

We all make mistakes. Maybe your brake light was broken when a person hit you from behind causing a car crash. If that person was speeding or driving while intoxicated, your broken taillight will not prevent you from recovering damages. Lawyers make sense of what you are responsible for and get you the maximum damages you can claim.

stoned driver car accidentThe THC levels in the blood may not prove a connection with increased risk for an accident, because different people react to THC differently. Read More from Stroned Drivers.

4. You May Not Be Physically or Emotionally Ready to Handle Your Case

If you or a loved one was in a serious car accident, you need time to heal physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, the court system and insurance companies won’t wait for you to recover.

Specific timetables exist for when legal actions and insurance claims must be made. A free consultation with a car accident attorney can guarantee that you have time to recuperate and that all of your paperwork will be completed.

5. You Need to Know When to Settle

Many parties try to avoid the time and costs of a trial and offer a monetary settlement. Drake Law Firm accident attorneys know fair terms, settlement amounts from similar accidents and can prevent you from taking less than you deserve.

6. You Can Only Sue Once

If your case seems simple and easy to win, you may try to represent yourself in court. If you make a mistake such as making the wrong claim or presenting incorrect information, you may lose your lawsuit. In that instance, you would lose money and would be blocked from trying to regain compensation again.

7. Your Lawyer is on Your Side

By taking you as a client, Drake Law Firm and Benjamin Drake pledges to do everything in his power to win and get you the settlement you deserve.

This promise becomes a binding ethical duty that is worthy of your trust. Attorneys at the Drake Law Firm make it their business to leave no stone unturned in your quest for justice and fair compensation.

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