Car Accidents and Causes

car accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that approximately 3,000 California residents die in car accidents each year.

Drivers need to understand what the most common car accident causes are and how to avoid these situations.

Here are 6 driving mistakes that lead to the most accidents:

1. Speeding

Ten years ago, nearly 150,000 California car accidents were reported to be caused by speeding and that number continues to rise. Speeding increases the number and severity of accident injuries.

car-crashBecause drivers lose reaction time when they travel 10 or more miles above the speed limit, the ability to avoid an accident is dramatically reduced.

2. Ignoring Stop Signs or Traffic Lights

When a driver runs a traffic light or stop sign, he is disobeying the rules of the road. This makes him more likely to have an accident with another vehicle.

Adhering to traffic lights and stop signs substantially reduces the risk of side impact collisions and rollovers.

3. Distracted Driving

The Center for Disease Control reported over 400,000 injuries from accidents involving distracted drivers. The most common distraction is cell phone use for calls and texts. Remember that it is against the law in California to use handheld phones or text while driving.

It is important to follow these laws because you may face lawsuits and not recover damages if you are involved in an accident while using your phone.

4. Driving Under the Influence

In 2013, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the tragic fact that someone is killed in an accident connected to alcohol every 52 minutes. Alcohol and drugs dramatically affect your ability to drive.

The substances, even legal or OTC drugs, affect everything from your judgment to your vision to your overall state of mind.

stoned driver car accidentThe THC levels in the blood may not prove a connection with increased risk for an accident, because different people react to THC differently. Read More from Stroned Drivers.

Avoid these accidents and the connected lawsuits and criminal charges by calling a taxi or a friend when you’ve had too much to drink or have impaired judgment from a drug or medication.

5. Falling Asleep Behind the Wheel

An estimated 3% of accidents occur because the driver fell asleep behind the wheel. If you feel fatigued and have to continue driving, find the nearest rest stop. There you can find vending machines for items that will give you a boost.

Better still, you can park your car and nap for as long as necessary.

6. Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

The weather can affect the abilities of even the most capable drivers. Rain or snow makes the road slippery and may be too much for anti-lock brakes to handle. Downpours and fog limit visibility.

If you can’t avoid driving in these conditions, pull over until the weather improves.

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