Car Crash – Seek Immediate Medical Attention

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After a car crash, you may be tempted to go home to your loved ones and rest. Emotions are high and calming yourself down feels like the top priority. Unfortunately, that mindset is incorrect. You must protect your health and finances by seeking medical attention.

ER vs. Urgent Care after car crash

People commonly mistake the difference between the emergency room and urgent care facilities. Both sound like places to go for immediate medical attention. Urgent care’s name is confusing, but it is not the best place to go after an accident.

injury lawyer stocktonUrgent care is designed for patients with minor illnesses or injuries. Accidents can have serious consequences such as brain injuries or internal bleeding. The emergency room is more likely to have the technology, staff, and medicine to better handle these medical emergencies.

Keep in mind that the ER can be expensive. Urgent care is an acceptable option if your pain or potential broken bone is only limited to your arms or legs.

Dangerous Medical Injuries without Obvious Symptoms

If you know you hit your head or that you were throttled in the accident, emergency medical attention is best. A lack of noticeable symptoms doesn’t mean you weren’t injured. Concussions, for example, could go undetected but still be a serious injury.

injury lawyer sacramentoBecause concussions can result in death or serious injury, it is critical to know the warning signs and to seek help when needed. Personal Injury Lawyer for Concussion


Whiplash is commonly associated with rear-end crashes and can take up to 3 days to be noticeable. The person’s neck is jerked and this can cause anything from a minor sprain to ruptured ligaments and broken bones. Patients must describe their symptoms to a doctor in order to get treatment that best matches their injury. Whiplash treatment ranges from pain medicine to physical therapy.

Insurance Companies Require Immediate Medical Attention

Immediate medical attention prevents complications from your insurance company. Insurance companies provide the most coverage to injuries undeniably caused by the car accident. Take a concussion, for example.

If you take 3 days to see a doctor, insurance companies could blame your injuries to a made-up unrelated accident rather than to the car crash. Accordingly, you may get less coverage. You may not think that’s fair, but that is how insurance companies work.

You must report all potential injuries to your doctor as quickly as possible to get the most coverage.

Lawsuits and Immediate Medical Attention

If you were injured by a negligent driver, you must seek immediate medical attention to protect your claim. The California courts and jury will often follow the same practice as the insurance companies when it comes to awarding damages.

A delay in medical attention forces the court to consider that your injuries may not have come from the accident. Document all of your injuries with photographs and medical reports in order to best win your case.

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