Are Car Drivers at Fault in Motorcycle Accidents?

motorcycle fault accident

Motorcycle use is a trend that keeps increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, accident fatalities also continue to rise. Drivers and motorcyclists need to be aware of what causes motorcycle accidents and how to prevent them. Motorcycle safety is a concern for both car, van and truck as well as the bike riders.

Who is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident?

motorcycle accident faultDrivers and motorcyclists share the blame equally for causing accidents on the road. In car accidents vs motorcycle accidents – drivers are only reported to be at fault 51% of the time.

With most accidents caused by mistakes with yielding and right of way. Consider paying additional attention in larger cities with higher traffic and accident rates.

Los Angeles is a high traffic area for car accidents overall, but cities like San Francisco, Stockton and San Jose pose a higher risk for serious motorcycle accidents.

Both drivers and motorcyclists need a better understanding of California laws, safety and have to be more aware of their surroundings.

How Motorcyclists Can Prevent Accidents

Motorcyclists can cause accidents in a variety of ways. I have written about motorcycle accidents and California safety and collected a series of apps for motorcycle riders on my blog.

motorcyle accident attorneyCalifornia has reported an increase in the number of people killed in motorcycle accidents who tested at a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit.

Because of this, motorcyclists must be careful with their beverage choices and riding under influence of alcohol. Other pointers for motorcyclists to avoid being at fault are:

  • Wear bright colors in order to be easier to see on the road
  • Practice driving in a parking lot to guarantee that you know how to handle your bike
  • Always leave room between yourself and the car in front of you to avoid being pinned in an accident
  • Avoid entering corners too quickly
  • Be extra cautious in areas where a car can turn left in front of you
  • Only drive in slippery conditions when you have proper tires and a well-maintained motorcycle
  • Be aware of the “death zone” and avoid lanes where car doors open frequently

How Drivers Can Prevent Bike Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are often connected to the small size of motorcycles and accidents reported are due to riders not being visible.

Car drivers are more likely to yield to larger and highly visible vehicles such as trucks and buses. Drivers also likely worry more about trucks traveling at high speed than they do about motorcycles.

Accordingly, drivers need to pay attention and take fewer risks when it comes to passing or judging distances to motorcycles.

Many car accident reports show that car drivers simply did not see the motorcycle or that a biker was traveling at an excessive speed.

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Motorcycle visibility can be tricky, so here are a few tips to avoid fault in motorcycle accidents.

  • Frequently check your mirrors and blind spots
  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by cell phone, radio or other passengers
  • Allow all obstructions to clear before making a turn
  • Give the motorcycle extra room to the side of their vehicle and from behind
  • Don’t assume you know what the motorcyclist will do based on their traffic signals. Allow them time to act before you maneuver around them
  • Be mindful of your speed—especially in areas where motorcyclists are more likely to ride

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