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What Are The Advantages for A Cyclist to Wear A Camera on The Road?

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The truth is that motorist drivers do not always respect the laws that were created for cyclists. Wearing a camera while riding your bicycle is especially useful in road rage cases. Just imagine riding your bike and a driver deliberately turns their car into your bicycle and tries to knock you over? You could sustain […]

Car Accident Lawyers and Why You Need Them

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Don’t let the negative stereotypes fool you or any other roomers and articles on Internet. Lawyers are the best way to put an end to your car accident woes and get the recovery with the compensation you deserve. More specifically, here are the 7 top reasons to hire an attorney after an accident. 1. Attorney […]

Bicycle Injury Numbers Rise Amongst Older Demographic

With the year coming to a close, we can begin to see trends from 2015 and how they compare to the preceding years. Some of these trends are good, for example—California residents are beginning to be more active than ever before. However, this has resulted in another, less fortunate trend—bicycle injuries. With more people riding […]