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What are the most common causes of car accidents in California?

The causes of car accidents in California vary widely, from driver distraction to dangerous or reckless driving. Read on to learn more about the most common causes of car accidents in California: Reckless or dangerous driving: Many people use the speed limit as a minimum, not a maximum. Traveling at an unsafe speed was the […]

How Uber is Decreasing Drunk Driving Related Accidents

On February 21, 2015, in San Jose, California, the unthinkable happened to one local married couple. It was a normal day at the couple’s fruit stand, until a drunk driver came speeding down the road toward them. This driver was on a drunken rampage, hitting parked cars, a telephone pole, and eventually the couple’s fruit […]

Will Autonomous Vehicles Make Roads Safer?

When it comes to quality cars, Germany has dominated for decades with its luxury brands, like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. It is no surprise then that they are at the forefront of the race to create an autonomous vehicle that will propel us, on “Highway Pilot,” into the future. While here in our own hub […]

Does Banning Cell Phones Make Roads Safer?

Let’s face it: driving is dangerous. In an attempt to make our roads safer, many states have cracked down on the use of cell phones while driving. California State and Cell Phone California is one of those states. Ever since July 2008, the state of California has banned the use of handheld cell phones, texting […]

Lane-Splitting Remains Legal in California

If you are the owner of a motorcycle, you are most likely well aware of the controversy surrounding lane-splitting. In fact, it’s very likely that the ability to slip between cars in times of congestion is one of the reasons you got your motorcycle in the first place. In a sense, your bike allows you […]

Fatal Car Accident Wreaked Havoc on LA Highway

Last month, Los Angeles commuters had to sit through gruesome traffic after a fatal car accident on 5 Freeway. A portion of 5 and 710 freeways were closed after a Dodge Magnum crashed into temporary bridge supports that are in place while the overpass to 710 Freeway is being widened, according to LA Times. Steel […]

Dump Truck Kills Two, Injures Three More

Two teens were killed and three severely injured after a dump truck failed to stop and collided with a PT Cruiser, according to the San Bernardino Sun. The truck accident occurred late on a Tuesday night in June. The dump truck was full of 80,000 pounds of concrete when the driver sped through an intersection, […]

Car Accidents on the Rise in Summer Heat

A series of unfortunate events played out in Austin, Texas last month. Within five hours, three accidents occurred, striking two buildings and one young boy. According to Post Bulletin, the first car accident occurred around 10:45 a.m. An elderly man accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, which caused the car to collide into […]