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Motorcycle Accidents in California

California is a beautiful place and there are countless ways to get out of doors and enjoy the weather, especially in the San Francisco area. During warmer months, motorcyclists often roll out on the roads to take advantage of the weather and cruise highways and interstates — who could blame them? But, unfortunately, motorcyclists are […]

Pregnant Women at Greater Risk in Car Accidents

With pregnancy there are health risks, which is well known.  Drinking, eating, and smoking habits must change when a woman is pregnant in order to ensure the health of the child.  But, a new study has identified that pregnant women’s driving habits must change as well. Pregnant women are at greater risk of being seriously […]

Can You Text 911 in California?

The emergency service response system for the United States, 911, has been working with cellphone companies over the past few years to implement the ability to text “911” in the event of any kind of car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or another kind of emergency. Being able to text 911 in an emergency could […]

Who’s to Blame in Self-Driving Car Accidents?

Tired of finding a parking spot during lunch time? Driving to the grocery store? Imagining your child driving impaired late at night? Consider that most Americans lose fifty-two minutes per day sitting in traffic. Self-driving cars can take all of those worries away. In a recent blog post by Google, two hundred self-driving cars will […]

Catch the Final Rounds of World Cup Soccer Action at On The Thirty in Sherman Oaks, CA

The world’s game kicked off last month in Brazil, with eyes around the globe all focused on the World Cup. The biggest question is, where will you be watching? As a proud Sherman Oaks, California business, we wanted to share with you an opportunity to join local soccer fans as they celebrate the World Cup […]

California Strawberry Festival

The California Strawberry Festival will take place May 17 and 18 from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Strawberry Meadows of College Park (located at 3250 South Rose Avenue in Oxnard). Event organizers encourage participants to park off-site and take the free shuttle to festival grounds. This year’s festival marks the 31st year of every-manner […]