Common Types of Workplace Accidents and Injuries

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Although people expect to feel safe while they are at work, workplace accidents and injuries happen in California with alarming regularity. These accidents can be fatal or they can have life-altering consequences.

Those who are injured (or who lose loved ones) in workplace accidents may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. People who analyze injury statistics regularly note that the same types of injuries and illnesses tend to happen again and again in the workplace.

Here is some information about the most common types of injuries that happen in the workplace.

Struck by an Object

Falling, swinging and moving objects can cause a variety of different injuries to people, but the most common injuries in this type of accident are broken bones, internal bleeding and crush injuries.

Any falling object can cause a serious injury if it is traveling fast enough. Falling objects are particularly dangerous to people if the object strikes them on the head. Head and neck injuries can cause concussion, brain trauma, paralysis and death.

Asphyxiation and Drowning

Asphyxiation and drowning both involve the body being starved of the oxygen that is needs to survive. Most asphyxiation or drowning accidents will end in death, because the body cannot survive for a long time without oxygen.

If they do not result in death, then it is likely that the victim will suffer lifelong brain damage or that they will fall into a coma. Asphyxiation at work normally happens when something gets accidentally caught around a person’s neck, such as a hose or a rope which has been unexpectedly pulled by a piece of machinery.

Drowning occurs when the lungs fill with any substance, and could easily occur if a worker was to fall into a vat which is not properly protected.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Although slips, trips and falls are rarely fatal, they can have life changing consequences. These accidents can result in broken bones, strains and sprains, but they can also cause head injuries, serious back injuries and neck injuries.
If a slip trip or fall leaves you in constant pain this can reduce your quality of life and can leave you unable to work to your full potential.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents at work are more likely to happen if you drive a vehicle for part of your job or if you work on a site where vehicles are used. Incorrect training and improper vehicle maintenance increase the chances that a vehicle could be involved in an accident at work.

The consequences of vehicle accidents include crushing injuries, broken bones, lacerations, carbon monoxide poisoning, head injuries, back injuries and neck injuries. These injuries are more likely to be fatal if the correct procedure is not followed in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

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