Delays on San Diego Freeway Construction Leads to Lawsuits

405 Widening Construction | Auto accident Attorney | Drake Law FirmAs an auto accident attorney in Sherman Oaks, California, I hear questions from drivers quite frequently about the crumpled retainer walls along the San Diego (405) Freeway widening project over the Sepulveda Pass.

Many who drive the freeway daily may remember that in 2011, several brand-new vertical retaining walls crumpled, creating a bizarre and somewhat dangerous sight for thousands of drivers traveling between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside.

Late last month, a federal investigation blamed the collapse for the fifteen-month delay in the completion of the widening project over the Sepulveda Pass, according to a report from the Sherman Oaks-Tarzana Patch.

The original reports outlining the project budgeted $1 billion and expected workers to be finished well before now. Both of these predictions have been overshot.

In December 2011, fifteen retaining walls that kept soil from spilling onto the freeway had to be ripped out and replaced. The Daily News has reported that the faulty wall designs, built using a plan that allowed contractors to draw up the plan as the construction was in progress, have led to many lawsuits.

Even though the contractor is supposedly responsible for cost overruns, Metro has been named in lawsuits, and it is not clear if taxpayers in the area will be left paying the debt.

Eighty-five percent of the construction was completed as of late October, with all work scheduled for completion by next fall.

If you have had an auto accident as a result of the delayed or faulty construction of the San Diego (405) Freeway widening project over the Sepulveda Pass, contact an experienced auto accident attorney right away to explore your options.

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