Dump Truck Kills Two, Injures Three More

Red Dump TruckTwo teens were killed and three severely injured after a dump truck failed to stop and collided with a PT Cruiser, according to the San Bernardino Sun.

The truck accident occurred late on a Tuesday night in June. The dump truck was full of 80,000 pounds of concrete when the driver sped through an intersection, according to a California Highway Patrol Officer.

It is still unclear why the driver did not stop. When the semi-truck hit the PT Cruiser, it pushed them through the intersection and down a slight hill; the truck to rolled over the PT Cruiser and remained on top of it until authorities reached the scene.

Special emergency teams quickly arrived as quickly as possible. Eighteen San Bernardino County firefighters and a surgical team from Arrowhead Regional Medical Center used heavy-duty tools to save the victims in the crash.

It took hours to get all of the victims out. Firefighters had to use two hydraulic trucks and the Jaws of Life to reach one victim, according to the Sun.

All of the passengers in the crushed cruiser were between 16-20 years old from Victorville and Phelan of San Bernardino County.

A family of one of the injured victims is suing the dump truck driver and trucking company, Samms Enterprises, Inc., according to Victorville Daily News.  The lawsuit seeks compensation to cover lifetime medical expenses and more. The sixteen-year-old boy underwent several major surgeries to help fix a broken femur, shattered wrist, and ankle.

The truck driver, who was reported uninjured, worked as a subcontractor on a construction site nearby.

Subject to some exceptions, the other families have two years after an accident to file a lawsuit for personal injuries. Truck accidents can cause severe injuries that take months or years to heal, so they made need time to realize how much damage was caused.

Personal injuries from a truck accident can give you more than physical problems —they can be emotionally and financially troubling and ruin future plans.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, contact a truck accident attorney today.

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