FedEx Truck Accident Smashes into Bus Full of Southern California High School Students

FedEx truck crash | Truck accident attorney | Sherman Oaks, CA | Drake Law FirmFor many high school graduates, the prospect of college promises a new and exciting chapter of life. For some Southern California natives, however, that chapter will be marred with the memory of losing classmates and suffering devastating personal injuries.

A FedEx truck ended the dreams of several college-bound high school students traveling for what should have been an exciting coming-of-age campus visit. The college tour bus trip included over forty Southern California students, many of whom are low-income and first-generation prospective students as part of a statewide program designed to help historically underrepresented students. As of the initial report, the crash resulted in 10 deaths and many more hospitalizations. Later news reports say that one student probably perished while trying to rescue his classmates.

A recent CNN article discusses the somewhat mysterious circumstances causing the truck accident. The known facts include that the 18-wheeler FedEx truck crossed the median on Interstate 5 and struck the bus. The California Highway Patrol opened an investigation into the cause, as did the National Transportation Safety Board.

Nobody plans to be injured in a freeway truck accident. Unfortunately, injuries on Southern California highways occur frequently, as do the resulting personal injuries.

Highway accident victims living in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles need qualified and experienced legal assistance to advise them on the many aspects of a personal injury claim, including paying for hospital bills, missed time from work or school, scarring and other long-term physical damage, pain and suffering from recovering from a traumatic crash, and even wrongful death.

Although underage car and truck accident victims cannot file their own lawsuits, their parents can assert rights on their behalf. If you are a parent of an injured child, the Drake Law Firm, PC wishes your family a speedy recovery. When you’re ready to discuss your child’s truck accident injury, we will be here for you.

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