How to Drive Safely Around Trucks

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Safely and Trucks

It is important to understand how to drive safely around big trucks and avoid trucking accidents. With proper precautions taken by both the driver of the vehicle and the semi-trailer driver serious accidents can be avoided.

Drive Safely Around Trucks

An important unspoken “rule” to keep in mind when following behind a big truck is to keep track of their mirrors. If you cannot see their side mirrors, then they cannot see you. Most truck driver’s only option is to use those side mirrors to see who is behind them, beside them and coming up on them.

If they don’t see you, then they will be unable to take the actions to keep you safe and to prevent an accident. So it is important to keep those mirrors in your sights.

Wide Turns and Trucks

Another safety tip is to remember most big trucks are forced to make very wide right turns in order to safely maneuver around the corner. If you approach one of these vehicles from behind, and see that it is making a right turn, then do not come between it and the curb. This will help keep you from getting into an accident.

Field of vision

Additionally, when on the highway or freeway, keep in mind the driver of the big trucks field of vision. Do not squeeze in between big trucks and do not ride along beside a big truck. If you are passing one, complete the pass safely, so you can return to the driver’s field of vision as soon as possible.

Stopping Distance and Weight

Big trucks often weigh in at tens of thousands of pounds. This makes it harder to stop than just a regular passenger vehicle and requires a longer stopping field. It takes more time to stop with all that weight. SO it is nearly impossible to stop a truck immediately.

Final Thoughts

To drive safely around a big truck requires common sense and defensive driving and some safty knowledge of how the big trucks drive. Keeping these safety tips in mind will help keep you safer on the road and help prevent trucking accidents.