Mild Traumatic Brain Injury MTBI

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) is as an injury to the brain causing a loss of consciousness lasting for less than 30 minutes. Alternatively, it may be an injury which causes a period of confusion or disorientation which lasts for less than 30 minutes.

MTBI can lead to longer lasting consequences than this. Although the initial problems may be short term. MTBI can present ongoing mental health issues, such as reduced concentration, mood swings, memory problems, irritability and headaches.

Post Concussive MTBI Syndrome

MBTI is often missed at the time of accident. Because people do not report the initial injury. Post concussive Syndrome, which can present itself with some of the symptoms that are mentioned above. It can also be misdiagnosed because people do not realize that these symptoms are related to a head injury that they thought that they had recovered from.

Many people will not even remember to mention the MTBI to their doctor when discussing their new symptoms. Other symptoms can include; nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, “fuzzy” thinking, feelings of depression, sleep disturbances, visual disturbances and even seizures.

Around 15% of people who suffer a MBTI will experience post concussive symptoms for more than a year after the initial injury was sustained.

Treating MTBI and Post Concussive Syndrome

As the symptoms of MTBI and post concussive syndrome can vary from person to person, it can be very difficult to produce a comprehensive treatment plan. Your doctor may need to treat each symptom individually and different types of therapy may be required.

If you are given medication to treat any of your symptoms then it is important to review this medication at regular interval to prevent any form of dependence from occurring. The doctor may also suggest that you make some lifestyle changes to treat your symptoms.

For example, reducing caffeine intake can be very helpful for people who have been suffering from sleep disruption or irritability. Reducing the intake of other stimulants or depressants such as alcohol and energy drinks may also be recommended as a form of self treatment for symptoms.