Orange Line Bus Accident Injures Six in Encino, CA

Sherman Oaks bus accident attorneyEach day, you may take the bus to and from work in Encino, California. Whether you’re going downtown or just within the neighborhood, the available lines provide cheap, reliable, and eco-friendly alternatives to driving your own car or truck.

While you may always feel safe on a bus, you need to be aware of the very real possibilities. A few months ago, a reminder of this reality struck just 3.5 miles from our Los Angeles Ventura Boulevard office.

The Metro Orange Line bus collided with a car at an intersection near the 6000 block of White Oak Avenue.

Six passengers suffered injuries from the bus accident, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department and NCS Los Angeles. No life-threatening injuries were reported, and the woman driving the car declined any medical treatment at the scene. 

The car took damage to the side and wound up on a sidewalk nearby. The woman’s dog was removed from the vehicle and transported to a veterinary care center.

Even with all the commotion, the Metro services continued on, sending another bus to transport passengers. The Orange Line bus travels on a dedicated fourteen-mile route form North Hollywood through the west San Fernando Valley.

As you can see, these people had no idea they were about to be involved in a bus accident that day. These types of events put a halt to our everyday lives, as those injured can attest to. Public transportation, while generally safe, is just as susceptible to human and mechanical error as personal motor vehicles. The size and complexity of public transportation often multiplies the effect of a crash, sending ripples throughout the entire city.

Bus Accident Attorney

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