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Thousands of car accidents are taking place in California, some ending with fatalities, others with permanent disabilities. Automobile crashes have risen throughout the years and many of these preventable incidents could be linked to the increase of distractions that the American population is now in possession of such as cell phones, tablets, and other technological devices.

These distractions could reinforce the presence of more motorist’s collisions as a majority of these accidents have been said to affect the younger population. For every action that you take, there will always be a consequence, whether that consequence is of good nature, or of bad nature. If you decide to drink and drive, use your cell phone while your vehicle is in operation, or simply disregard the traffic laws that have been in place for years in order to protect drivers and pedestrians, a car accident could take place that otherwise would not have happened had negligence not been present.

Car and pedestrian accidents that happen because someone else was negligent would be enough grounds to file a litigation against the guilty party. If the damages that you had to suffer could have been avoided, then the other driver would be guilty of negligent or reckless driving. Car accident attorneys at my firm provide personal injury services for victims of a variety of incidents that have rendered them damaged.

If you were in a vehicle crash where you believe someone else was responsible for the accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for those damages by seeking legal counsel with a personal injury attorney.

Forms of Distractions that Could Cause Car Accidents

When you undergo a car crash, law enforcement and insurance companies will most likely be involved in investigating the origin of the accident. In addition, if you consult with a car accident attorney, they will also provide investigations to prove causation. These are some forms of distractions and reckless driving that drivers tend to be affected by that could create an automobile collision:

  • Using their cellphone; texting, calling, going on social media, and taking selfies. Cellphone use has been determined to be the leading cause of accidents amongst young adults.
  • Consuming alcohol; Drinking and driving is a deadly action. In fact, drunk drivers kill thousands a year. If you see anyone driving recklessly, it is important to keep your distance and call the appropriate officials.
  • Speeding; Some people have a hot foot and like to step on the petal. Speeding is a reckless driving violation that could end with a fatality.

These are just some of the many causes of a car accident to happen. It is important that you learn the many ways that you could be involved in a vehicle accident to avoid having to endure that fate. Learning how to drive defensively is a great asset to have as a driver, this could help you in the event that you were to come face to face with a potential accident.

Information Regarding the Various Types of Car Accidents

Many situations that you may go through while driving can wind you up in a hazardous situation such as, a car accident. Even if you are in bumper to bumper traffic, you could still be in a vehicle crash. Some types of car accidents that you could be subjected to include:

  • Rear-End Accidents: Read-end crashes happen when another car hits your car from behind. Typically, the front of another car would be hitting the back of your car. Different scenarios could cause rear-end incidents. Most commonly, texting has been linked to this type of vehicle because the driver is not looking ahead and fails to stop in time. Whiplash injuries tend to surface from rear-end collisions. For the most part, the driver who hit the other car will be liable for the damages.
  • Side-Impact Accidents: T-bone is the other name given to these types of crashes. With these types of accidents, the front of back of another vehicle hits either the side of the passenger of the side of the driver. An accident like this is especially dangerous if the car is directly hitting the area where the occupants are.
  • Head-On Accidents: These crashes often lead to fatalities because it is when two cars are struck at full force at both fronts of the car. A head-on accident could happen when a driver from another lane crosses onto upcoming traffic.

In addition to the above types, car accidents could happen to a single driver or it could happen to multiple cars, known as multiple vehicle crashes.

Vehicle Accident Statistics in the United States

These are some statistics according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel:

  • Car accidents are responsible for an estimate of 37,000 deaths every year
  • Disabilities and injuries come to about 2.35 million people annually
  • From the 37,000 fatalities, 1,600 of them are composed of kids under 15
  • Those between 16 and 20 are take up about 8,000 of the 37,000 deaths
  • Every year, vehicle crashes cost $230.6 billion in damages

These statistics just show you how prevalent car accidents are.

Get the Justice You Deserve with a Gifted Personal Injury Attorney

The results of a car accident could be devastating. You might lose income because you may be unable to return to work, you might never be able to walk again, or a family might lose a loved one. My attorneys and legal team understand that the aftermath of car accidents could pose a tremendous strain on the victim and their families, both financially and mentality, which is why the lawyers for vehicle crashes practice personal injury law to help serve these victims.

Our clients mean everything to us and we want you to know that you could always count on us. No harm that is done to you will go unnoticed because we work extremely hard to make sure that whoever caused you damages is now paying for the actions they took on that fateful day.