Personal Injury Verdict Factors For Winning Your Case

personal injury verdict

Why do people who have had a similar car accident and injury be awarded two complete different compensation amounts from a lawsuit?

Some people may be awarded larger sums of money, while others do not receive fair compensation.

Why is that? That is a question that many people may be thinking about when pursuing a claim. Personal injury claims are complex; there is not always a left or right but an in-between with PI cases, specifically if the case ends up going to trial.

Anyone who decides to pursue a lawsuit has to be aware of the factors that can influence the amount of money they will be receiving for their injuries.

The purpose of pursuing a claim in the first place is to pay for all the damages that were done to the victim. If you are someone who has sustained injuries due to negligence, then it is important that you become knowledgeable about these 5 factors as they will influence the final verdict of your case.

What Injuries did you sustain?

The degree of the injuries you sustain in a car accident is a crucial aspect in the amount of money you will be compensated.

The obvious is that if you suffer severe injuries, you will be awarded more than if you had suffered minor injuries.

Enduring catastrophic injuries can result in life-term disabilities which will usually come with a higher settlement amount.

Although no amount of money will ever make your disability go away, the financial compensation will help reduce your financial burden.

You need to prove how the injuries you sustained affected not only your prior and present life but also how it will affect your future financial compensation.

Did you have pre-existing injuries?

Insurance companies will be quick to research on your medical history once you have filed a claim. They will consider whether you have had a previous health condition or had an injury that may have worsened because of the accident.

The insurance company will introduce this information and use it as evidence to shift the blame from the current injury to your previous one. If you were previously injured, you must make sure to document pre-existing conditions.

Where Did you get injured?

This factor cannot be altered because it really depends on where you have sustained your injury. Typically, conservative locations give less compensation amount than “liberal” locations.

Are you a likable person to the jury?

The Justice system is not supposed to show any favoritism, but unfortunately, even jury’s are human and will most likely award a person who they “favor” more than someone who does not have the “likable factor”.

The jury will sympathize with you and will want to award you as much as they can in order to make up for your injuries.

Who is representing you?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer who understands how car accidents inflict injuries and has had experience in the type you have sustained is a huge factor in how well your case will turn out.

The jury will also be influenced by your lawyer’s character. If they do not find him likable then you will most likely not receive as much as if they would have liked him.

If you were injured due to another’s negligence you must consider all the factors that can affect your case. As a victim, you need a diligent and fierce lawyer who will fight for all your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

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