Popular Greek Yogurt Recalled

Greek Yogurt | Sherman Oaks Product Liability AttorneyOne of the newest health fads in California is the frenzy over Greek yogurt. I’m sure you or someone you know has been spotted with a spoonful of the product, hoping for a guilt-free snack that actually tastes good.

The most popular brand of Greek yogurt, Chobani, has hit somewhat of a bump in the road with a recent recall.

Chobani is recalling some of its products following reports of mold in containers causing illness for customers, according to a recent CBS News article.

The company announced the voluntary recall on Sept. 5, in partnership with the Food and Drug Administration. Chobani is trying to ensure every single potentially affected product is off store shelves and away from the consumer.

Affected products have a code of “16-02” and expiration dates between Sept. 11 and Oct. 7 of 2013. People who have purchased these products are asked to throw them out and contact Chobani for a replacement.

Complaints began at the end of August when some consumers complained about containers that appeared to be bloated or swollen. On Aug. 31, Chobani began proactively replacing the majority of the affected products.

The mold, commonly found in dairy, has contaminated less than five percent of the Chobani products, according to the company.

Chobani’s CEO told the Associated Press that the problem has been “totally fixed” but wouldn’t confirm an exact number of illnesses reported to the company.

The USDA says some molds on foods can cause allergic and respiratory infections. However, a few molds can produce so-called “mycotoxins,” poisonous substances that can make people feel sick.

It seems that Chobani, along with the FDA, is handling this situation with an honest approach, attacking the challenge head on. This shouldn’t overshadow the importance of taking action if you feel you have been injured or ill after eating a product.

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