Reduce Severity Of Car Accidents

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Car Accidents

Imagine you have been driving for many years. You started learning how to drive at early age with excellent instruction from people who know how to give it. You have never been in any car accidents, received one or two parking tickets but nothing more; you were pulled over for random DUI check but you passed it with flying colors.

All of the sudden, though, BAAM, you get into an accident. Not your fault, but nonetheless a car crash. You think to yourself, what the heck happened? How did this happen? I was super careful.

It goes without saying that as drivers, you may have an excellent track record that includes no accidents or fines, however, this doesn’t automatically mean you won’t have a car accident.

We share the road with a range of people, and some may be bad drivers with no regard for anyone but themselves.

You can’t control what other drivers do, and it only takes a split second for an accident to occur changing one’s life forever, mostly for the worst.

While you do all you can to control the safety of yourself and passengers, there is no way you can control, other driver’s actions. However, you may be able to avoid making accidents worse than it should have been.

Road rules exist for our safety

While you may not like all the road rules, every law is there for a reason: to keep us as safe as possible whenever we’re driving. We wear seatbelts because they save lives and reduce the severity of injuries in the event of an accident.

Distractions Cause Car Accidents

When you drive, you must be 100% focused on the road and other cars around you. However, it’s easy to become distracted by:

  • Talking to passengers.
  • Fiddling with the radio or CD player.
  • Using a cell phone.
  • Drinking or eating.
  • Brushing hair, applying makeup or brushing teeth.
  • Pets roaming free inside the car.
  • Other potentially dangerous activities.

If you are distracted, and another distracted driver is coming towards you, it will take more time for the other driver and you to react to the potential accident. The impact of both vehicles will likely be at a higher speed where the repercussions for all involved will be much more severe.

Higher speed also reduces time to react and/or to avoid an accident.

Health problems

As a driver, you owe it to all other drivers to be as safe as possible. If there are any medical conditions that require immediate attention, such as diabetes or any other health problems, you must carry necessary medications and other items to assist you with controlling the condition in the event it arises during the time you are driving.

Health conditions such diabetics need glucose tablets, carbs, and candy in case the sugar levels are low.

Avoid alcohol and drugs before driving

If you drink any time before starting to drive, or if you take any drugs, whether medically prescribed or otherwise, your response time will be seriously impacted. This includes simple decisions such as turning on indicators, braking when needed, not seeing pedestrians or misjudging traffic light changes.

Car Accidents Can Happen Anytime

We never know when or where a car accident will occur. Emergency services may take time to arrive so it’s wise to have a comprehensive first aid kit in the car so help can be rendered faster. Participating in a first aid class is a smart decision too.

Personal Injury Attorney

Driving a car is a big responsibility we all take on every time we start the engine, one that must be taken very seriously. At Drake Law Firm, we often assist those who were involved in an auto accident due to carelessness of the other driver. Some of those accidents with injuries could have easily been avoided if the driver that collided with our client’s vehicle had simply paid attention.

Nonetheless, we do not live in a perfect world and in the event you or someone you know or love is involved in a car accident where injuries result from, please contact a personal injury attorney at Drake Law Firm for assistance with medical treatment, pain and suffering and compensation.

Benjamin Drake aggressively represents victims of personal injury and has recovered millions for clients in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange county, Bay Area and San Joaquin County.