Rehabilitation Costs Make Settlement Expensive

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Accident and personal injury attorneys will advertise how much compensation that they can recover for accident victims as a way of getting new clients. However, one important part of calculating the compensation and settlement value is the cost of rehabilitation after the accident.

So, why is rehabilitation and treatment after an accident so important?

Personal Injury Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitation is the name given to the process of getting the accident victim back to the same physical and mental position that they were in before the incident occurred. Rehabilitation continues long after the visible signs of the physical injuries have faded.

Recovery From Injury

A primary example of recovery needs can be found in the case of famous comedian Tracy Morgan. He was traveling in a limousine following an event with his family and friends when his vehicle was struck by a semi-truck belonging to Wal-Mart.

Tracy received serious injuries in the crash and another person in the limousine at the time of the accident was killed. Tracy has spoken in interviews about how challenging his rehabilitation has been, and he admits that his recovery is still a work in progress, even after he reached a settlement with Walmart.

For extended periods, he had to use a walking aid to move about. Tracy is still continuing to work towards regaining his independence since the accident. He appears in public far less and his ability to work has been reduced.

Car Accident lawyer Settlement and Compensation attorney Stockton, Sacramento, San Joaquin ValleyEven if an accident or incident is not as severe as the one Tracy was in, mental and physical rehabilitation must be considered by the attorney that represents the victim in that accident or incident.

An attorney cannot simply put a value on a case without understanding the injuries, loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and rehabilitation process.

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Personal Injury Lawyer & Settlement

If you are involved in any accident which involves the need for rehabilitation, contact a personal injury attorney at Drake Law Firm.

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