Do You Have a Right to Financial Recovery for Injuries at the Gym?

Gym Accidents | Sherman Oaks, CA Personal Injury Attorney | Drake Law FirmSome physicians and physical therapists are expressing concern over the safety of Crossfit, a strength and conditioning program with gyms across the country. Those concerns were born out in January when Crossfit athlete Kevin Ogar severed his spine while lifting weights during a competition. He apparently was injured when he dropped the weights he was lifting behind him. They then bounced against another set of weights, hitting him in the back. A top Crossfit athlete before the accident, Ogar has now been told that he may never walk again.

Crossfit features a combination of gymnastics, sprinting and weightlifting. Advocates say that participants are no more likely to injure themselves than athletes participating in other sports like football, basketball and baseball.

When a participant in an athletic activity like Crossfit or martial arts is injured, do they have a right to compensation for their injuries from event organizers or gym owners? Or are they out of luck because they chose to participate in an activity that they knew could result in their injury? Most gym members and participants in athletic competitions sign liability waivers, which can throw another wrinkle into their case.

Whether an injured athlete has a right to compensation for his injuries will depend on whether someone else’s negligence damaged the participant. From news reports, it sounds like the weights that struck Ogar in the back rebounded against another set of weights that was left on the ground. If someone else left the weights on the ground, and the danger of injury was a foreseeable result of leaving the weights on the ground, they may be at least partially liable for his injuries.

California personal injury cases are challenging enough, but when you or a loved one is injured at an athletic event, there are a number of factors working against you. An experienced California personal injury attorney can cut through the complication and help you determine whether you have a right to recovery for your injuries.

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