Do I Need to Get a Second Opinion About My Personal Injury Case?

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When to Seek a Second Opinion for Your Car Accident or Personal Injury Claim

Just as you may seek a second opinion for medical treatment, it is common to discuss your case with another personal injury attorney. Lawyers have different personalities and tactics when it comes to approaching clients and cases.

If your case wasn’t accepted by a law firm or if you feel uncomfortable with your current attorney, the Drake Law Firm is ready to help you with your legal needs.

An attorney rejected your case

It’s difficult to face rejection in any situation. Being rejected by an attorney may make you feel as though your pain and suffering was trivialized. Sometimes, you just may not have enough evidence to win a lawsuit. Other rejections, however, may be a reflection of the lawyer, not you.

Depending on the size of the firm, your case may simply be too expensive. Attorneys have to pay for trial needs such as expert witnesses, and smaller firms or solo practitioners often lack the necessary funds.

Similarly, if your case is complex or time-consuming, an attorney may reject your case because she needs to earn billable hours for shorter, more profitable cases. These financial concerns may not have been explained to you, so a second opinion for your personal injury claim is a good idea.

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Sometimes cases aren’t accepted if a firm thinks the claim will fail in court. Though it’s possible the assessment is correct, a fresh pair of eyes and ears may see the case differently. A new perspective may be all you need to win your case. Similarly, other attorneys may have litigated similar cases to yours and will have a better grasp on the techniques needed for your lawsuit.

The good news is that a second opinion is often free. The qualified and experienced attorneys at the Drake Law Firm provide free case reviews and will let you know if your claim should be litigated.

You need to fire your current lawyer

Hiring an attorney because of reputation or low costs may not always be the best decision. The attorney-client relationship is extremely important and is a key consideration for deciding if you need a second opinion for your personal injury claim.

Your attorney should make you feel comfortable. You need to be able to communicate with your lawyer, and she should provide you with relatively frequent updates on your case. If communication is lacking, it is your right to seek counsel elsewhere.

Another reason clients fire their lawyer is if they disagree with how the case is progressing. Perhaps your attorney wants to settle and you are unhappy with the decision. Maybe months pass without any development on your case. With either of those scenarios, you are free to seek a second opinion.

Firing your attorney typically won’t cost you extra money. Your attorney’s fees are likely to be split based on how much work each lawyer contributed, but you will not have to pay an additional cost for this.

The best lawyers understand that a second opinion may be necessary and know that firing an attorney is intimidating. Don’t let fear keep you with an attorney who is not fighting for your rights.

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