Tire Blowouts and Car Accident Claims

Tire Blowout Car Accident Claims

Tire blowouts are not car accident hazards that should be taken lightly. In 2014, the NHTSA reported approximately 78,000 accidents caused by tire blowouts and 400 related deaths. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been avoided if the drivers had followed common safety precautions.

Preventable Causes of Tire Blowouts

A sharp object in the road or a pothole can damage even the best quality tires. Tires may also be defective. There are other causes of tire blowouts that can be prevented. It is a common practice to check both tires and tire pressure at every oil change. As well as, before or after a long car trip. Better to be safe then involved in car accidents.


underinflated tire blowout car accidentWhen car tire lacks air, it can’t ‘bend’ properly to handle the driving terrain. The tire overcompensates and flexes more than necessary. Underinflated tires increase likelihood of car crashes and accidents.

Driving for too long without the proper amount of air will cause your tire to burst from being under pressure. To prevent underinflation, check your tires at a local gas station or ask your auto care mechanic to check them. A pressure of less than 20 psi is a blowout risk.


tire blowout truck accidentsTires support the weight of your vehicle. If you overload your vehicle with items and/or people, there is too much pressure on the tires.

Truck drivers and SUV drivers need to understand the max load amount a vehicle is safely capable of carrying. Truck accidents and tire blowouts are a leading cause of injury. Truck drivers need to take responsibility and maintain a maximum load capacity and keep the tires and all equipment inspected.

Check your car manual for the exact “gross vehicular weight rating” for the total amount your vehicle can handle.

truck injury lawyer stockton338,000 truck accidents happen per year. Nearly 4,000 of the accidents resulted in fatalities. State Route 99 is filled with truck and car crashes. Read More from Truck Accident Lawyer Blog.

Improper Maintenance

flat tire car accident lawyersTires need to be replaced at certain intervals or when they appear worn. Check your car’s manual, tire manufacturers website for the exact mileage suggested for your car’s tires.

Also check your tires regularly to be sure there is not a small puncture causing your tire to deflate or become weakened.

What to Do if You Experience a Tire Blowout

If your car has a blowout, follow this brief set of instructions:

  1. Maintain a tight grip of your steering wheel
  2. Let your car slow down without slamming the breaks.
  3. Pull over to the side of the road.
  4. If your car starts to drift in the wrong direction, accelerate very lightly to overcome the drift but still stay at a slow speed.
  5. Turn on your hazard lights.
  6. Put yourself in a safe position while you change the tire or call for help.

Car Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts

Car and truck accidents caused by tire blowouts are not simple or easy legal matters. Insurance companies only compensate drivers with comprehensive insurance coverage. It is difficult in these types of accident to establish fault.

Though the driver may be responsible for the accident in some cases, a defective tire or a hazard in the road is not the fault of the driver.

My law firm understands what insurance companies, courts, and judges need to award damages to the injured parties.

Car accidents caused by tire blowouts are grounds for lawsuits whether you were the driver or the victim.

Car Accident Lawyers

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