Top 5 Safety Apps for Motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists Safety

The phrase goes that there is an “app for everything”, and it certainly rings true if you are looking for apps which relate to motorcycling. Safety apps of motorcyclists is one niche area of this category of apps. Here is some information about the 5 best safety apps for motorcyclists.

1: Pocket First Aid and CPR

Understanding first aid could be vital for a motorcyclist. If you are involved in an accident then you may need to do first aid on yourself or a passenger. Using an app like this will allow you to make informed choices about how to treat any immediate medical problems which may arise whilst you are out on your bike. First aid can save lives.

2: Wind Chill

Dressing for the weather is always appropriate, especially when you are traveling at speed and need to avoid unnecessary distractions. However, it may not be as simple as just checking the forecast, because the weather can seem different when you are traveling more quickly. Your speed can actually cause the temperature to feel up to 10 degrees less. This app will help you to calculate current wind speeds and wind chill based on your riding speeds.

3: TheBikeShieldApp

This is an app which should be used by both motorcyclists and car drivers to improve the safety of motorcyclists. When you approach car drivers who also have the app installed on their device, they will be sent a short acoustic signal to make them aware that your bike is close to their car. This should alert them to the fact that there is a bike near to their car, even if you are in their blind spot.

4: Camp Where

This app is for those who like touring on their motorcycle. It gives riders an idea about the best and safest places to camp in Canada. All of the information is stored offline (on your phone) so that you can access it even in a remote location without internet.

5: EatSleepRide

The best feature of this app is that it includes an upgrade which uses the “vital stats” of your bike to detect a crash. If the rider does not deactivate the alarm within 3 minutes, the app will automatically send an emergency notice with your GPS coordinates to the relevant party.

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