Tour Bus Accident Rear-Ends Truck, Injuring 15 Passengers

Tour bus collision | Bus accident attorney | Los Angeles, CA | Drake Law FirmA tour bus headed from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. rear-ended a truckin Tulare, north of Los Angeles. Fifteen people, of thirty-six passengers, were hospitalized as a result of the accident. Although the bus driver had not yet been cited for his role in the accident at the time of writing, the California Highway Patrol didn’t rule out issuing a citation for the bus accident.

Fronteras Del Norte, a West Coast shuttle company, operates the bus that was involved. The company was recently investigated by Southern California’s NBC 4, revealing that Fronteras drivers were speeding while talking on their cell phones. The federal government also investigated the company, and although they did find some problems, they allowed the company to continue operating.

In California, the driver of a car that rear-ends another will typically be held liable for the accident.

Fault is determined in California by the officer investigating the accident. Fault often falls on the driver that rear-ends another car because he or she is viewed as having followed too closely or was driving too fast; however, it is possible for the driver who is hit from behind to be at fault in a rear-end accident. In a lawsuit for injuries in an accident like this, fault may be split between the drivers if both were negligent.

When passengers on a bus are injured due to the fault of the driver or the bus company, they may have a right to financial recovery for their injuries. If you or a family member have been injured in a rear-end accident, you should seek the counsel of a skilled, experienced California bus accident attorney who can help you evaluate your case and determine whether you have a right to financial recovery.

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