Truck Accidents in California

trucking accidents

Throughout the United States, and especially in a state where there is an abundance of people, like California, auto & truck accidents occur on a daily basis. In fact, every year, thousands of drivers are hurt and even killed by vehicle collisions.

With respect to trucking accidents, it is not any different. An accident is an accident, right? It can be, but for the most part, these accidents could have been prevented. Most major accidents, like if you were to be involved in an accident with a truck, could have been avoided had either driver not exercised negligence or recklessness while driving.

Not only do you have to have the knowledge and abide by the traffic rules, but you must watch out for other drivers. Other drivers may be operating their vehicles while under the influence or they may even be distracted trying to reply to a text message they received on their cell phone.

We can conclude that crashes can be disastrous, but when a collision happens against a truck, the consequences are far worse. If a trucking accident was the cause of the damages that you are now suffering, then speaking with a lawyer that focuses on trucking accidents in California would be the safe road to take when trying to obtain compensation for all the damages that you will have to now endure.

The emotional trauma, the physical pain that you might be feeling, and even the permanent disability that you might encounter due to the negligent truck driver will not go away with money, but being compensated for these damages will ease the strain of having to pay for all the expenses out of your own pocket, or your insurance policy.

There are many reasons why accidents happen. While some accidents cannot be prevented, there are many things that you as a driver, and other drivers can do to exercise more precaution while traveling on the road. Do not let yourself become another statistic in a vehicle accident; too many occur every year.

Truck Accidents Lawyer Help You During this Process?

The shock that proceeds after any type of accident, including a trucking collision, is inevitable. The last thing you may be thinking after suffering a crash with a truck is to seek legal help. Surely, the primary thing to do is to seek medical attention, but if you plan on filing a personal injury lawsuit due to trucking negligence, then you must seek the counsel of attorneys who focus on accidents pertaining to trucks because most the time, the claim will be filed against the employer of the truck driver, not the driver himself.  A lawyer who is experienced and specialized in that area of personal injury can help you in numerous ways, including:

  • If there is any footage available, they can review it
  • Conduct witness interviews
  • Facilitate the review of accident reports and police reports
  • Have your medical records analyzed
  • Initiate interviews with the medical professional who attended you after the accident
  • Hire experts who are skilled in recreating the accident and reconstructing the scene of the crash
  • Ensure that all evidence pertaining to the driver of the truck and the trucking company is well-kept
  • Have the Electronic Control Module of the truck retrieved to obtain its data

After undergoing an accident with a truck driver, it is essential that you contact a qualified lawyer for motorist accidents.

More Than One Party Can Be Liable For Your Injuries

Going through a crash with a truck is quite different than a regular vehicle. For one, the damage that can result from the crash can be far worse, and in addition, more than one individual or entity can be accountable for the harms that you sustained from the truck mishap, while in a vehicle accident it is not so wide-spread. Here are some parties that could be named as a defendant in your lawsuit:

  • Company who owns the truck
  • Individual who’s driving the truck
  • Individual who owns the truck
  • Leasing company of the truck
  • If a trailer is attached, then the owner of it
  • Leasing company of the trailer
  • Truck, trailer, or components manufacturer

At Drake Law Firm, trucking accident attorneys are experienced in handling intricate cases involving collisions against trucks and we also know how to find exactly who will be liable for your injuries. Our law firm will perform throughout investigations with every aspect pertaining to the circumstances that led to your accident.

Lawsuits filed for truck collisions can derive from many causes. Some of those causes include:

  • Product liability
  • Negligence; and
  • Wrongful Death

The collision might be so severe that the victim may have lost their life due to truck crash, which would be the basis for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Recoverable Damages Proceeding A Truck Accident

You will have many questions after suffering an injury, and amongst those questions will be “what can I be awarded for?”. What you are awarded and how much you will receive is always dependent upon the circumstance revolving around your accident. Realistically speaking, the more injury and pain that you endure, the more compensation you will receive.

There are two classes of damages: specific and general, and in rare cases, you could be entitled to punitive damages. The most well-known damages that are recovered include:

  • Expenses for medical treatment, both present, and future
  • Income that you lose for not being able to return to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Earned capacity that is lost due to your injuries
  • Emotional anguish

Contacting an attorney for trucking accidents as soon as possible will ensure that you do not exceed the statute of limitations in filing a claim for your damages. Without a doubt, if another person was the cause of the pain you are currently experiencing, then justice needs to be served.

Drake Law Firm,  highly determined truck, car and motorcycle accident lawyers do not want you to suffer any longer.