Uber Passenger Fatally Struck by CHP Near Tarzana

For those of us living in the Valley specially those commuting and using the 101 freeway, Monday, October 14, 2019, was a very difficult day. The traffic was backed up for miles as the officers had closed the Eastbound 101 most of the morning to investigate a pedestrian versus vehicle accident in early morning hours.

The news broke in the morning that an Uber passenger had exited the Uber vehicle in the middle of the freeway and crossed the 101 Eastbound lanes on foot and collided with a C.H.P patrol vehicle and passed away.

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Danuka Silva. Very sad news to wake up to.

Shared Responsibility for Accident

I have read many articles about the fact that Mr. Silva bares the fault of exiting a vehicle in the middle of the freeway and attempting to cross the freeway on foot.

While I can see their argument, I disagree that Mr. Silva is solely the reason this tragic incident occurred. I believe the Uber driver and others also share responsibility for the accident. While there was nothing intentional, I believe the negligence of the Uber driver was a contributing factor.

May Mr. Danuka Silva rest in peace.

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Full news story from KTLA can be found here.