What to Do after a Bus Accident

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Bus Accident

Public transportation is a popular way for people who live in large towns like San Francisco to get around. Riding a bus is a very safe way to travel, but there will occasionally be bus accidents.

A bus accident is a frightening experience that most people will never have to endure. The following tips should help to protect you if you are in a bus accident.


The first priority after any type of accident is to determine who is injured and the extent of those injuries. It is highly recommended that each person involved in the bus accident be evaluated by a medical professional to determine whether or not they are injured.

When you are involved in an accident you will have an adrenalin rush that may prevent you from feeling the pain of an injury. A medical professional can evaluate where you were seated on the bus and the possible injuries you may have suffered.

If you are checked by a medical professional and you have to seek attention for an injury later there will be documentation of the possible injury so you will not have trouble with the insurance company.

Call 911

Make sure that the police are notified of the accident as soon as possible. Do not rely on someone else to call for help. Even if you think someone else has already called, you can still go ahead and make the call.

Evidence and Injuries

You should take pictures of the damages to the bus if you have the capacity to do so. You should get the names and phone numbers of other people who were on the bus with you, and especially the people who were seated next to you.

Get the names and numbers of people on the street, and people in the shops located near the accident for future references. Be sure that you write down the name of the bus driver.

Be Careful of Who you Speak to and What you Say

After the accident make sure that you do not say sorry to anyone. If you are talking to someone about their injury you might say “I am sorry” because you empathize with their plight, but insurance companies can take a simple “I’m sorry” said in empathy and use it as a possible admission of guilt. Do not apologize to anyone.

If someone calls you to talk to you about the accident do not divulge any information. The other insurance company may have someone call you and try to get you to admit fault in the accident, or try and get you to say something contrary to what you have said in your report to the authorities. Do not divulge any information to anyone concerning the accident.

Document Everything

You want to keep a written log of every phone call you receive pertaining to the accident. Write down the day of the call, the time of the call, who the call was from, and what the conversation was about.

Personal Injury Attorney

The best course of action after you are involved in a bus accident is for you to hire an attorney that is experienced in handling these types of litigations.

You want an attorney that has handled bus accident claims before because they will be knowledgeable in the proper documentation you need, the timing for filing claims, and the benefits you might be eligible to be compensated for.

Some people resist hiring an attorney because they are afraid other people will see them as greedy, or as trying to get more than their fair share of damages. You cannot let your fear what some other people might think, or say, stop you from getting the compensation you deserve after an accident.

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Drake Law Firm is a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco who offers a free consultation for people who have questions regarding accidents and things of that nature. You can explain the situation to an attorney and get counseled on what next steps are, and what your options are available.

Not every case needs an attorney to proceed, but it is better to consult with one and not need their services than need the services of a law firm and not have one available to you.