How Long should You See a Chiropractor After an Accident?

how long you need to see a chiropractor after car accident

If you’re thinking about going to see a chiropractor after car accident settlement, then you’re probably wondering about how a chiropractor can help you and how long you’ll need treatment.  Chiropractors can treat a number of different health problems that follow being in an accident.  It’s important that you get the facts about chiropractic care before you make any financial or medical decisions.

Chiropractic care is divided into three major categories: emergency, rehabilitation, and maintenance.  The severity of the injury will determine the frequency of care and involvement of the treatment plan.  For those who just need rehabilitative care, for example, you will typically only need adjustments once a week.  Maintenance is just general care for any patient experiencing minor pain or discomfort.  These sessions can by once a month, like a monthly check-up.

Preventative Care

This is an often overlooked, but extremely effective form of chiropractic care.  Preventative sessions can help identify early problems and prevent them from developing into situations that can influence other parts of the body.  A sore knee or side of the hip can throw off your entire posture, putting pressure on the spine and the other half of your body trying to compensate.  An early adjustment after a car accident settlement can reduce the number of overall visits to the doctor, thereby saving you money.

Dealing with Minor Injuries

Minor injuries should be taken care of, as they could get worse and they often influence our overall mental health.  A nagging back pain or shoulder pain that you ignored after an accident could result in more headaches, muscle spasms, contributing to higher overall stress levels.  It is not about being tough, it’s about speeding up the healing process.

Severe or Chronic Pain

Most of the time, if there is severe pain following a car accident, that person will head to the doctor immediately following a settlement, if they cannot afford to see one before receiving payment.  Chiropractors in Colorado Springs can start the treatment process and monitor your recovery progress, so that you can avoid having to deal with major surgery options when the pain becomes too much.

Dealing with the Effects of Whiplash

Severe and chronic pain is often the result of what we call whiplash after a car accident.  In reality, whiplash is too wide of a category to properly approach these types of injuries.  Even minor whiplash can develop into serious injuries, if left untreated after a car accident.

You shouldn’t wait until after a car accident settlement to see a chiropractor.  Whiplash can cause your neck and back to be extremely stiff, sore, and immobile for months because pain medicines can only provide temporary relief.  Chiropractic adjustments free up the joints and vertebrae from chronic inflammation, slowly, yet permanently.

A chiropractor will prescribe a multifaceted treatment plan that will include lifestyle changes, as well as scheduled rehab and recovery exercises.

As Long as Needed

Chiropractic care is akin to taking pills as needed, we cannot predict the future, so it is in your best interest to have a chiropractor who you can rely on for long-term care and treatment.  A chiropractor is just like a GP, they get to know you and your health with more accuracy with every session.

Having a chiropractor help you recover after a car accident can increase the amount of compensation that you will receive from the insurance company.  It reinforces your claims of injury and how important it is that you continue to receive care from a professional.

Most people resign to the fact that any minor injury in a car accident is not worth pursuing, but with a qualified professional, you can and should get professional care, so that you can return to your former self in proper fashion.  This includes building your case for damages regarding loss of QoL, performance, and emotional well-being.

Ultimately, getting chiropractic care can reduce the severity of your injury, prevent re-injuring yourself, and reduce the overall cost of your recovery.  This means that you should not place an arbitrary limit on the length of your care with a chiropractor and instead make an informed decision before and after a car accident settlement.

Guest Post

A guest post by Ron Salvaggione from Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic.