Why Retain an Attorney for a Car Accident

Why Retain an Attorney for a Car Accident

Car accidents can be traumatizing situations. Even some of the most careful drivers may find themselves facing an accident at some point in their lives that is not their fault. It is important for anyone involved in an accident to know their rights, and to know that they are protected by the law.

Some people choose to deal directly with insurance companies following their accident. Doing this can put them at risk of being taken advantage of by big insurance companies. Consulting an attorney before speaking with insurance companies is everyone’s right. Doing so offers protection from being deceived by these companies, who rarely have the persons best interest in mind. Being in an accident is a confusing and terrifying experience.

Having a lawyer a person can trust to guide them through such a stressful time can offer stability and protection from even further damage.

Protection from Big Insurance Companies

It is the job of insurance companies to act like a friend to people who have just been through a troubling experience. The employee’s friendliness and cordial way of speaking can often give the illusion that insurance companies have the accident victim’s best interest in mind.

Unfortunately, this is not often the case. Insurance companies are extremely wealthy for a reason. They aim to make as much money as possible – by giving the accident victim as little money as possible. In some cases, insurance companies have been known to give out awards and incentives to their representatives who have lowballed their customers.

There is often a lot of pressure put on the accident victim to make a rapid decision regarding the amount of money they are offered. Some companies will tell their clients that they only have a small window of time to make their decision – which is often an outright lie.

personal injury lawyerBy rushing their clients to make a decision, insurance companies can get away with lowballing their customers before they have a chance to seek counsel. It has been proven that accident victims who hire a lawyer are compensated more money for their accidents than those who do not. Insurance companies know that they cannot take advantage of people who have hired a lawyer to defend them.

Often times, insurance adjusters will tell victims that they have less coverage than they actually do. This is another trick that companies use to pay their customers less than they deserve. However, this is not a trick insurance companies are able to get away with when the customer has hired a lawyer.

A good attorney always has the best interest of their client in mind, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure the proper medical attention, healing opportunity and protect them.

Medical Compensation

Unfortunately, even minor car accidents can cause severe physical damage. It is the duty of insurance companies to compensate victims for any medical bills they make acquire due to accident-caused injuries. However, many large insurance companies try to hide this fact from their clients – taking advantage of the fact their client is injured.

Some companies may claim that the client’s injuries were pre-existing, while others may simply deny the injuries outright. Some injuries may not appear immediately after the accident. As a result, many people accept insurance companies low-balled settlement, and they are forced to pay following medical bills out of their own pocket.

Insurance companies may also choose to delay a victim’s case. Doing this causes customers to become desperate, and therefore more likely to accept a lowballed settlement. By delaying a victim’s case, the statute of limitations may run out, and the client may lose their rights to collect any settlement at all.

Hiring a legal professional to manage all of these details gives victims assurance that their case will be handled carefully and thoughtfully.


It is the job of employees of big insurance companies to make you feel well-taken care of. However, insurance adjuster’s kind words and friendly tones are not proof that they have a customer’s best interest in mind.

Often times, people are deceived by representatives’ manner of speaking and are led to believe that they are receiving a more than fair compensation. The reality is, they have most likely been low-balled.

Insurance adjusters take advantage of a car accident victim’s vulnerability. Having a lawyer on your side provides a stabilizing force.

A good lawyer will not be blinded by an insurance agent’s gentle words and will seek what’s best for their client.

Conversely, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to use an accident victim’s own pleasantries against them. Anything that is said by the victim to the agent may be used against them. Even simple phrases such as “It could have been much worse” may be twisted by insurance agents to ultimately harm their clients.

Phrases like this are natural things for the kind and gracious people to say – even in the face of a terrible experience. But an insurance agent may twist that phrase into something like, “The damage done is not very bad”. Every word spoken can be used as an excuse for insurance companies to pay accident victims as little money as possible.

A good lawyer defends their clients’ words and ensures that justice prevails.

Quality Assurance

Many insurance companies fail to realize how important it is to prepare every case for trial. Even when clients are going to settle, it is imperative that all the facts are in place in the event of a worst-case-scenario.

Hiring an attorney will give you the assurance that all of your bases will be covered – no matter what may happen. Insurance companies know they cannot pull the wool over their customer’s eyes when they have an experienced lawyer fighting on their side.

A good attorney on your side will look out for their client’s welfare and protect them from the tricks of big insurance companies. It is important for accident victims to have a stabilizing force to help them through a situation that can leave them exposed and vulnerable.

Consider hiring a lawyer you can trust before letting big insurance companies take advantage of you.