Should I talk with the insurance company after I’ve been in a car accident?

accident lawyerIf you are involved in a car or truck accident and/or are injured as a result of third party negligence, it is extremely, extremely important that you do not talk to the insurance company.

Do Not Speak to Insurance Company

Filing an immediate claim with the insurance company is important, but contacting an attorney is even more important.

Remember that if you have been involved in an accident, you are excited, you are nervous, you are stressed. The insurance companies use those times and those opportunities to their advantage and they try to get you to say or do things that may jeopardize your case.

Call an Accident Lawyer

My suggestion is to find a qualified accident lawyer,  Benjamin Drake. The insurance companies oftentimes require or request the potential claimants to sign documents, authorizing the insurance companies to obtain access to all the medical records and all the employment records of the potential claimant as soon as the accident happens.

In most cases, insurance companies are not entitled to these documents and these kinds of releases and authorizations and yet they request it anyway. People who don’t have an attorney will provide this information to the insurance company, which could be detrimental when it comes to obtaining compensation in your case.

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