Here are some things you can do to ensure that you have maximized your potential for recovery:

  • Immediately report your accident to the property owner or property Security Company. Be sure to get a copy of the accident or incident report.
  • Try to get the name and phone number of anyone who may have witnessed your fall.
  • Place the shoes which you were wearing at the time of the accident in a plastic bag and tape it shut so that any material stuck to the shoes will remain.
  • Store all of the articles of clothing you were wearing at the time of the accident in a plastic bag. Do not wash them before storage.
  • If you have a camera at the time of the accident, have someone take pictures of the accident scene, your clothing and shoes, and any warnings signs that might be in the area surrounding the accident scene.
  • If you have suffered any visible damage to your body (i.e., cuts, scrapes and bruises) have someone take photographs or permit our investigator to take them.
  • If possible, place in a plastic bag the item that caused you to fall.
  • Go to the hospital emergency room immediately if you are in any pain whatsoever. Do not be afraid to tell the doctor about every area of your body in which you are experiencing pain.
  • DO NOT discuss or make any statements about your case with any employees or insurance representatives of the property owner, without first speaking with us.
  • DO NOT accept any forms of payment or sign any releases without speaking to us. Doing so could waive your right to recovery.

If you know of any prior accidents in the same location, please notify us.