Auto Accident Attorney | Sherman Oaks, CA | Drake Law FirmVentura Boulevard, Ventura Freeway, San Diego Freeway, Van Nuys Boulevard, and Chandler Boulevard: all these busy roads pass through the city of Sherman Oaks, California.

With such high traffic in Sherman Oaks, the chances of being injured in an auto accident aren’t all that improbable.

Unfortunately, many accidents in Sherman Oaks lead to injuries, even if it wasn’t your fault. You may suffer loss of wages if you can’t return to work, miss out on important moments because of your injury, or even incur a disability that could last the rest of your life.

As an experienced Sherman Oaks auto accident injury attorney, I understand the pain, frustration, and confusion you feel after an accident. Known as Sherman Oaks’ “family lawyer,” I truly take a personal approach when dealing with injury cases, taking the time to listen to clients and understand their unique set of circumstances.

If you need someone to stand by you after an auto accident in Sherman Oaks, turn to someone you know you can trust. We promise to fight for your rights and completely accessible throughout your case.

Contact the Drake Law Firm today to speak with Sherman Oaks’ “family lawyer.”