Train Accidents

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Trains provide reliable, cost-effective transportation around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and all of California. When traveling for a vacation, riding downtown to work, or taking the Metro to a ball game, the last thing you expect is to become injured. Unfortunately, train operators and other vehicle operators are human like all of us, and make mistakes from time to time.

Sometimes, you pay the price for a train operator’s mistake or mechanical failure with an injury.

After a train accident injury, you’re likely confused as to what your legal options may be; be careful, though, as medical bills may begin to pile up, especially if you are forced to miss work. This time of healing may be causing you more stress than good, as painful emotions and bills begin to stack up.

I understand this difficult time in your life and want to help. At the Drake Law Firm, we have experience with all types of vehicle accidents, including train crashes. Benjamin Drake will personally help you with the advice, care, and understanding you need, all while fighting to secure the compensation you deserve. At other law firms, you may be working through paralegals and secretaries, feeling distant from the attorney you’re actually paying.

With the Drake Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing you can contact me directly at any time.

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