Trucks and carsTruck accidents are terrifying. And unfortunately, many LA residents are victims to such accidents in this big city, where heavy traffic is a part of life. Trucks are constantly bringing in big cargo loads to city businesses and taking big loads back out. LA streets are packed with large commercial trucks and small passenger vehicles alike on a daily basis, and collisions involving the two are not uncommon.

If you are the survivor of a truck accident, you are incredibly lucky. When that semi truck lost control, the odds were stacked against you. The fact that you are here is nothing short of a miracle. But you might not feel very thankful right now, and I would not blame you. Even though you have survived a potentially fatal truck accident, the repercussions are severe.

You are likely suffering from serious injuries. This is a stressful time and I understand that.

If you are the victim of a truck accident, you are suffering physically, emotionally, and financially. It is difficult to focus on recovering when you have hefty medical expenses looming over your head, not to mention the necessary repairs to your vehicle and other property that may have been damaged in the collision.

When you add to this the income you have lost due to time away from work, your LA life has become overwhelming in a flash. You need someone who cares and who will stand by you in this frightening time. As an experienced personal injury attorney at the Drake Law Firm, I will defend you in this time of vulnerability. I consider myself to be the “family lawyer” of the LA area and will hold to that, making myself available when you need me. Contact me and let me help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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