woman standing beside two cars after car crashEncino is a beautiful place to live and to visit. This affluent neighborhood is located in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and is home to almost 50,000. With a strong economy that continues to develop and grow, the area continues to attract new residents and visitors each year. Unfortunately, there are areas of Encino where the roads and intersections have not kept pace with the growth and even in areas that have been improved, automobile accidents are still a problem due to the number of vehicles on the roads.

A booming economy and residents who are involved in their community result in thousands of vehicles traveling on Encino roads each day. Economic growth combined with a beautiful place to raise a family is a great combination for the area but it does result in more vehicles on the roads on daily basis. Anyone caught in traffic on the 101 Freeway or delayed because of an accident at Ventura Boulevard understands how frustrating it can be when you are dealing with increased traffic levels. Not to mention the frustration and the stress that an automobile accident brings with if one is involved in; it can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating.

Encino, CA Automobile Accidents

During 2012, 162,454 traffic collisions occurred throughout California with 50,622 occurring in Los Angeles County alone. Many of those traffic collisions resulted in severe injury for the parties involved. The first priority after any automobile accident is your health. You should seek immediate medical attention for any injuries you sustain. Even if you feel “okay” because you did not sustain a severe, immediately identifiable injury, you should still consult with your physician. Soft tissue damage and closed head injuries can lead to devastating, permanent conditions that affect your ability to return to your normal lifestyle.

Unfortunately, seeking medical attention for your injuries can become very costly, especially if you are severely injured. Liability insurance is designed to help injured people afford the healthcare and personal care they need to recover from an automobile accident. However, insurance companies, regardless of what they may claim, do not have your best interest in mind when they are processing your automobile accident claim. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that pay very close attention to their own bottom line. Protecting that bottom line does not include paying large settlements for accident claims.

An insurance company has a large team of professionals, including highly trained insurance adjusters and experienced insurance defense attorneys, who work diligently to keep the amount of your settlement as low as possible. You need an experienced team of professionals working hard for you to protect your right to receive a full and just settlement for your automobile accident claim. My philosophy as a personal injury attorney is that the first priority is to help you receive the medical attention you need in order to recover fully from your injuries. Once I know you are receiving excellent medical treatment, I then focus all of my attention on the second priority – using every resource available to hold the person responsible for your injuries accountable for his or her negligent actions.

Because proving liability is an essential element of ensuring that you receive full compensation for your damages, it is vital that I conduct a thorough and careful investigation into the circumstances of the accident. Identifying and preserving evidence is crucial in the early stages of an accident investigation to uncover each key piece of evidence to use as we build a strong case against the at-fault driver. As part of my accident investigation, I interview witnesses, view and record the accident scene, consult with accident reconstruction experts and communicate with your medical providers to monitor your physical recovery. I have developed a variety of resources throughout my years of experience representing personal injury clients that I use as I work to protect your best interests now and in the future.

 Damages Available to Injured Victims of an Encino Automobile Accident

Recovering from an accident is one of the most difficult experiences that you may experience during your life. It is not only your physical injuries that you must deal with as you work to get your life back together following an accident. You must also cope with the emotional and financial burdens related to your injuries. My sole objective is to allow you to recover from your injuries while I work to get you the maximum monetary recovery possible for your damages.

Therefore, in addition to the medical expenses that you are incurring as you recover from your injuries, I will seek compensation for all of your damages including but not limited to:

  • Property damage including the cost of repairs to your vehicle, the cost of a replacement vehicle if necessary, rental car fees and depreciation costs;
  • Future medical expenses for treatments that you may need for permanent conditions;
  • Loss of past and future income;
  • Loss of additional compensation and benefits such as bonuses, commissions and benefits;
  • Loss of future earning capacity if you are unable to return to work at the same wages as you earned prior to the accident;
  • Damages for scarring, permanent injury and disfigurement;
  • Damages for pain and suffering;
  • Damages for the loss of enjoyment of life and activities;
  • Punitive and exemplary damages, if applicable; and,
  • All other out-of-pocket expenses and damages you incur as a result of the automobile accident.

Insurance companies push victims to settle accident claims as quickly as possible. This is not in your best interest. Settling your accident claim before we know the extent of your injuries may result in a lower settlement amount. I invest the time necessary for each personal injury case to fully develop the case and allow the client to reach maximum medical recovery before drafting a settlement proposal to present to the insurance company. While some attorneys may rush cases so they can receive their fees, I am more concerned about you receiving a just and full settlement than I am about closing a case and getting paid.

A Personal Injury Law Firm That Puts the Client First

I work for you. It is my job to protect your best interests while you focus on recovering from your injuries. If you have been injured due to the recklessness, carelessness or negligence of another driver, contact my office to schedule a free consultation. You deserve quality legal representation but you must act quickly in order to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Evidence can disappear and memories fade as time passes following an accident. Do not allow the insurance company to use time to its advantage. Contact the Drake Law Firm today to discuss your legal options regarding your Encino automobile accident.

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