The San Bernardino Valley is a beautiful place to live, work, raise a family, and spend your free time enjoying the gorgeous California sun.

Despite the beauty and grace of the San Gabriel, San Bernardino, Temescal, and Santa Ana Mountains, the San Bernardino Valley is not immune to the same problems much of the United States and California experience.

Injuries unfortunately do occur in San Bernardino, often at no fault to you. These poor circumstances can leave you with painful and lasting injuries, cause you to miss work, and in turn, take a hit to your financial well being.

As a personal injury attorney, I want to make myself as accessible as possible to you in the San Bernardino Valley. I believe that a lawyer should be someone you can turn to at any time for help, not just during “business hours.” Life doesn’t operate during business hours in San Bernardino, and neither does Drake Law Firm.

If you have suffered an injury in the San Bernardino Valley due to the negligent actions of another, don’t wait for someone else’s schedule to open up. Contact the “family attorney” for help at any time, and begin the path to healing.