If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Sherman Oaks, California, or the San Francisco Bay Area, there are steps you can take to help ensure the accident is handled properly and that the person responsible is held accountable for his or her actions.

  1. Stay on the scene – unless your injuries require you to leave, never leave the scene of an accident.
  2. Ask questions – be sure to ask to see a driver license to confirm the name and addresses of the drivers involved, and ask for their telephone numbers. Make sure you also get the information of any witnesses present, as well as their comments or statements. Write the information you gather.
  3. Insurance – exchange insurance information with all the individuals involved in the accident. Even if you believe a driver was not at fault, make sure to obtain his/her insurance information anyway. After the accident, be sure to contact your insurance provider immediately, but do not provide any statements or details of the accident.
  4. Do not make incriminating statements – in talking to the police at the scene, do not admit liability. The ensuing investigation will determine who was truly at fault. The less you say, the better it is.
  5. Talk to your doctor – seek medical attention, even if you do not feel that you are injured.
  6. Contact the Drake Law Firm, your personal injury attorney – with the help of attorneys at the Drake Law Firm, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries.